A YouTube clip sells for $760,00060.000

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The family that owns the famous clip “Charlie Bit My Finger” has auctioned this clip in NFT format (non-fungible token) with the final price pegged at 760,000 USD. NFT is an indivisible digital work format that emerged during the cryptocurrency craze earlier this year.

In the clip, two boys are playing on a chair and three-year-old Harry Davies-Carr puts his finger in his one-year-old brother Charlie Davies-Carr’s mouth. Harry was bitten by his brother and uttered the famous line, “Charlie bit me!”.

Một clip trên YouTube được bán với giá 760.000 USD - Ảnh 1.

The popular YouTube video has now been auctioned in NFT format.

The short video was posted to YouTube in 2007 and quickly went viral, being viewed 882 million times to date. And the auction was conducted over the weekend to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the clip being posted online.

Closing the session, a buyer with the nickname 3fmusic paid $760,999 for this clip. In return, the family will remove the video. Transaction information is permanently attached to the blockchain and cannot be destroyed, modified or added.

Harry, the boy in the clip is now 17 years old, said he wants to sell the clip to contribute to the development of NFT and give it a new life. The boy’s family will also contribute a portion of the money towards carbon neutral Bitcoin mining. The rest hope to be enough to help pay for the two brothers’ college tuition.

Một clip trên YouTube được bán với giá 760.000 USD - Ảnh 2.

The famous meme photograph of little Zoe Roth was also successfully auctioned last month, bringing in $430,000 for its owner.

The explosion of the NFT movement opened the door to making money for owners of classic Internet memes in the early days.

Among them, the most famous is a picture of a girl smiling in front of a fire that was auctioned at the end of April. The girl in the photo is Zoe Roth, now 21 years old, received $ 430,000 after the auction ended. and an extra 10% commission every time this photo is sold to the next person.

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