A young family’s living space is indispensable for this TV!

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“Please please” all members

Fascinated by intense football matches, and thrilling action, I always put high demands on screen quality: at least 4K resolution is required for movies to be displayed vividly in every detail. . Over the past few days, the fathers’ association has been “tipping each other” to the TCL 4K HDR AI-IN P725 TV, because not only possessing 4K resolution, this TV also incorporates Dolby Vision “duo” technology and HDR10 + for wide expansive color ranges sharper and more realistic than ever before.

Không gian sống của gia đình trẻ không thể thiếu chiếc TV này! - Ảnh 1.

Interestingly, this TV is also making the women’s union “fascinated” by the AI-IN feature, linking the TV to other TCL devices in the family through voice. No more running around to handle messy house chores, just “chat” with your TV through hands-free voice control 2.0 and or the TCL HOME app, washing machine, air purifier, machine Vacuum cleaner, … will work automatically. Many sisters shared: “While cooking, if you want to change channels, you just need to gently command the TV, your favorite program will automatically broadcast. Too convenient!”

More specifically, TCL P725 also easily satisfies the relaxation needs of your children. Integrated with the latest Android 11 copyright, the TV brings more than 7,000 apps and 700,000 movies, helping you to enjoy exploring, relaxing after stressful study hours or having fun with friends.

Không gian sống của gia đình trẻ không thể thiếu chiếc TV này! - Ảnh 2.

Fully meeting the diverse needs of each member, this is truly the TV that families are always looking for.

“The person connecting” the family

Not only satisfying the individual preferences of each member, TCL P725 TV also has the ability to connect them in collective activities. One evening the family gathered in front of the TV, together enjoying attractive movies was a wonderful experience. Accompanying the superior display technology, this TV also owns Dolby Atmos sound technology with the ability to reproduce every movement of the object, providing a vivid 3-dimensional sound space, helping the homeowner. experience watching movies just like in the cinema. The very real and lively sound of the TCL P725 TV also accompanies the great family karaoke singing sessions.

Không gian sống của gia đình trẻ không thể thiếu chiếc TV này! - Ảnh 3.

A large screen combined with superior picture and sound technology, TCL 4K HDR TV AI-IN P725 also offers a superb gaming experience. On weekends, together “destroying” the thrilling and thrilling games to relax spirit, and by the way, tightening the family love is a defeat!

Offering a variety of experiences, but this TV has a price of less than 15 million for a 50-inch screen. Therefore, TCL 4K HDR AI-IN P725 TV is the best choice in the current 4K HDR segment and is very popular with young families.

TCL TV TCL 4K HDR AI-IN P725 is one of four new TVs launched in 2021 by TCL, a leading brand in consumer electronics with a mission to create smart lives through advanced technology. .

At the same time, the brand also develops the TCL HOME application that not only connects devices but also provides an ecosystem with many utilities to create a better, future-filled living experience right in the home. your.

See more and download the application at http://bit.ly/TCL_Home

See product information at http://bit.ly/TCL_P725

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