A warning for every startup of women selling apps for $ 85 million

Tram Ho

This is a warning of a successful Danish woman. Mette Lykke is the CEO of Too Good To Go organization. She co-founded the Endomondo practice in 2007, developing the company for nearly a decade before selling it back to US sports fashion brand Under Armor in 2015 for $ 85 million. Lykke continues to be CEO until 2017.

According to Lykke, who started his career as a management consultant, businesses can only grow strongly if everyone is pushing themselves everyday and is willing to do it for a long time. She thinks there are many stories about a startup that opened and after only a few years changed the world. It does not really happen, but it takes years. So working hard is important.

Lời cảnh báo dành cho mọi startup của người phụ nữ bán ứng dụng với giá 85 triệu USD - Ảnh 1.

For the past two years, Lykke is the CEO of Too Good To Go, an organization that cooperates with food retailers and retailers to address waste through selling food at cheap prices. The application currently has 11 million users with 22,000 stores in 11 countries.

9 months after the application, she recently worked at the company. When introduced to the application, she thought it was a very interesting model. Not only was she invited to invest, she was also asked to help founders run the business.

She said the motivation for me to stick to this place is because they have a clear purpose, a real impact. “My first company was designed to make exercise more interesting, and now I have a stronger purpose in fighting food waste. I haven’t realized how big the problem is, but I don’t always throw away food. ”

She advised entrepreneurs to be really passionate about what they are doing, and they must build a team of people who believe in the company’s goals. In addition, pursuing ethical goals is also a competitive advantage, helping to attract talents and investors.

Not only finding inner strength, the founder should also seek inspiration from the outside world. It can be a challenge because you are too focused on your work but make sure you stay connected and get advice from friends, family and other entrepreneurs.

Lykke herself has a network of contacts that she thinks are doing great things. She often met them to drink a cup of coffee. Despite competition, she always tries to help others.


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Source : ICT News