A space engineer figured out how to get the Apollo 11 version of Lego to the Moon?

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Recently, aeronautical engineer and toy fabrication expert Adam Woodworth “turned” the Lego 11 Lunar Lander model into a real lander and wouldn’t be surprised if it could land on the Moon. someday.

Một kỹ sư không gian đã tìm ra cách đưa tàu Apollo 11 phiên bản Lego lên Mặt Trăng? - Ảnh 1.

Lego Apollo 11 toy set The Lunar Lander is enhanced with the integration of the engine, the necessary electronic devices to help it fly and land safely like a spaceship.

At first glance, lego Apollo 11 Lunar Lander is shaped like a spaceship and is a beautiful display. But it would be great if it could work like a real ship.

Woodworth has integrated it with batteries, controllers and a variety of other high-end electronic components and devices no less than Apollo 1.

Một kỹ sư không gian đã tìm ra cách đưa tàu Apollo 11 phiên bản Lego lên Mặt Trăng? - Ảnh 2.

He made some changes on this lego model, including tightening and keeping every lego piece connected and fastened together. The only upgrade can’t be covered, it’s a set of four propellers and an electric motor at the bottom. Since the current test is only on Earth, there is no advantage from gravity reduction as on the Moon. That is why Woodworth uses propellers of a size large enough to create lift for the model to soar in the air.

The current model is only being tested in-house and it will be difficult for this model to be brought to space and the Moon. However, the idea of ​​Woodworth will make NASA or billionaire Elon Musk notice and someday, these lego models with the ability to fly and land like this will be taken to space.

The space engineer turned the Apollo 11 Lego model into a mini-probe

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