A series of fan pages of famous universities were suddenly renamed “Dao Xuan Truong”

Tram Ho

From the evening of October 7 to this morning, a series of fanpages of many universities in Vietnam were suddenly renamed “Dao Xuan Truong”. According to our records, most of the renamed fanpages are Confessions of universities, and there are even many official Facebook pages of the university that also face the same situation.

Popular fan pages of the renamed universities include UEH Confessions of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, UFM Confessions of University of Finance – Marketing, UEL Confessions of University of Economics – Law,… most of them are fan pages of universities in the South.

The school’s fan page confessions were renamed “Dao Xuan Truong”

Up to now, some fanpages have been returned to their old names, but there are still many fanpages that still have the name “Dao Xuan Truong” and have not been updated.

According to the sharing from the admin team of UEH Confessions (Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics), the fanpage’s name was changed because someone intentionally hacked and changed the page name voluntarily. Previously, the admin of this page also posted warning information that the fanpage was showing signs of being hacked. In addition to being renamed, the hacked fanpage has no other signs such as livestream sales or other information posting, showing that it seems that this incident is just a prank.

Hàng loạt fanpage các trường đại học nổi tiếng bất ngờ bị đổi tên thành Đào Xuân Trường - Ảnh 2.

Share of admins of UEH Confessions page about the renaming problem

Currently, the incident is surprising and bewildering many students. The cause of the incident is not yet clear.

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Source : Genk