A new trend on YouTube is helping many people earn billions of dong, did you know?

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In early 2021, Farbod Mansorian temporarily moved from his home from Los Angeles to Greenville, North Carolina to present one of the world’s most popular YouTubers with an unexpected idea. It’s converting his videos to spanish.

Jimmy Donaldson, known on YouTube as MrBeast, owns the fifth largest YouTube channel in the world, with over 130 million subscribers. However, all clip content is in English. Mansorian’s goal for MrBeast is to expand the content beyond English through dubbing.

This bold idea was successful. Mansorian then founded his own company for voice acting called Unilingo. Just a few weeks later, Unilingo added MrBeast to its customer list and then expanded with a series of major YouTube channels, such as Dude Perfect, PewDiePie or Jubilee.

According to Mansorian’s estimates, Unilingo has brought in nearly $10 million in revenue for these YouTubers by re-releasing content already posted on the main channel, dubbing, and circulating in various languages.

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According to YouTube, up to two-thirds of a creator’s total channel viewing time comes from outside their home country. For Mansorian, the business opportunity was clear.

“If you take the top 10,000 videos on YouTube by performance and dub them in more than 20 languages, you can easily get hundreds of billions of views globally every year,” he told Rest. of World.

In India, YouTuber Harsha Sai has gained 12 million subscribers just by dubbing videos from his native Telugu language into Tamil and Hindi.

The Hindi version of the Pokemon Asia and Pokemon Indonesia YouTube channels also attracted an additional 15 million subscribers with episodes dubbed in Hindi and Bahasa (the official language in Indonesia).

“We just started doing this six months ago and were surprised to see that some of the videos went viral,” MrBeast said on a podcast in March 2022, describing the Spanish-language channel. His name is MrBeast en Español. The channel currently has 23 million subscribers, with its most popular videos reaching nearly 100 million views.

For MrBeast en Español, Mansorian hired one of the voice actors who did the Spanish dub for Spider-Man. Unilingo has also signed Junko Takeuchi, who voices the main character in the Naruto anime series, as the Japanese voice for MrBeast.

One of the earliest YouTubers to create dub content on the platform was Derek Muller. He runs a popular science-focused channel called Veritasium with over 13 million subscribers.

In 2018, Muller hired Unilingo to voice his English videos in Spanish and launched Veritasium en español, separate from the main channel.

In the five years since, Veritasium’s Spanish channel has brought Muller over $50,000 in revenue and over 200 million views. Unilingo currently handles voiceovers and content for Veritasium in 7 different languages.

According to Rest of World, YouTube has been developing systems that support multilingual content for many years. In 2021, Google began testing a feature called “audio tracks,” which allows viewers to choose between multiple dubbing options on a single video.

MrBeast was part of the initial tests in Spanish, and the testing process has gradually expanded.

Last week, YouTube announced that it would make the feature available to all creators. Currently, many YouTube creators typically upload a separate video — on dedicated dubbing channels — for every audio language preference.

The widespread release of audio tracks has the potential to change this precedent, although many may still choose to take advantage of YouTube’s recommendation algorithms by releasing individual dubs.

Source: Rest of World

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