A new Apple patent shows that the auto-correct function on the iPhone is about to get a big improvement

Tram Ho

A new patent shows that Apple is looking to fix one of the most annoying features on the iPhone, which is automatic error correction. Future iOS keyboards can predict misspelled words and delete those words instantly with very little user intervention.

Bằng sáng chế mới của Apple cho thấy chức năng tự động sửa chính tả trên iPhone sắp có cải tiến lớn - Ảnh 1.

Keyboards on the iOS operating system have generally been quite similar over the years. Although it has been upgraded some features like Slide to Type on iOS 14, minimize the keyboard on iOS 13 but almost are the same.

A patent granted to Apple recently promises to further improve the iOS keyboard by quickly eliminating mistyped parts of words.

Features will work as follows. Suppose you entered a wrong word in a sentence. Instead of deleting entire words, just like the current iOS when you press the Backspace key, the keyboard will locate where the wrong typing started and then only delete the part where the error started.

For example, if you type the message “This is a test of new keybiard” , the iOS operating system will automatically detect an error when typing the word “keyboard” and even if you don’t need to press the delete key, the input box the text will change to “This is a test of new keyb” . The system will not automatically correct “keybiard” to “keyboard”, but will wait for you to correct and complete the sentence as desired .

Bằng sáng chế mới của Apple cho thấy chức năng tự động sửa chính tả trên iPhone sắp có cải tiến lớn - Ảnh 2.

Patent describes: “After a user enters a string of characters, an error can be detected in the middle of the string. Currently, the user can correct the entire string through the automatic function. edit, this function sometimes is unable to provide alternative words that accurately reflect what the user intended to type in. It is important that the method and the system allow the user to delete the characters corresponding to the text input error. efficiently and redisplay the text so you keep entering the “characters.

The patent describes approaches like decision tree and other artificial intelligence algorithms for feature implementation. This feature will rely on the neural processor on the iPhone to make final decisions. This feature sounds pretty good and promises to fix annoying text auto-correction on iPhone. It’s not known, though, when Apple will adopt it on the iPhone.

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