A bag full of gold, mysteriously abandoned on a train in Switzerland, has not been picked up for nearly a year

Tram Ho

Swiss police were looking for an absent-minded passenger when they left a bag on the train last year. More importantly, this bag is full of solid gold bars, worth an estimated $ 200,000 (equivalent to VND 4.6 billion).

This bag of gold was found last October on a wagon of the Swiss Federal Railways, departing from northeastern Switzerland to Lucerne, the country’s central city. While the exact amount was not announced by the Swiss police, but based on current prices, the estimated number of forgotten gold has a weight of about 3.45 kg.

Một túi đựng đầy vàng bị bỏ quên bí ẩn trên tàu tại Thụy Sĩ, gần năm nay chưa ai đến nhận - Ảnh 1.

According to a statement from Switzerland, despite extensive investigation, the owner of the gold has not been discovered.

Switzerland, a haven for covert financial activities, has long attracted people to shop because their spending will not be traced or traced. However, after decades-long sanctions for the privacy of Swiss banking, the country is appealing to everyone else with the trend of using gold in payment.

Currently, the forgotten gold is temporarily confiscated into the Federal prosecutor’s office. And according to the Federal government notice, the owner of this gold has a period of up to 5 years (from June 2, 2020) to reclaim this gold.

However, according to the spokesman of the prosecutor’s office, so far no one has stood out to accept this gold. It seems its owner is so forgetful that he has always owned such a large asset.

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