A 40-person council has just been set up to limit the power of Mark Zuckerberg

Tram Ho

Yesterday, Facebook announced details of the Supreme Supervisory Board, which specializes in content decisions – with the right to refute the opinion of CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In a post yesterday, Brent Harris, director of global affairs and governance at Facebook, wrote that the Independent Supervisory Council will review decisions related to the company’s policies and it will disassociate. completely different, independent from the leader at Facebook.

Một hội đồng 40 người vừa được lập ra nhằm hạn chế quyền lực của Mark Zuckerberg - Ảnh 1.

The post also included a letter from Zuckerberg saying: “If someone disagrees with a decision we make, they can appeal to us first and then appeal to the board of supervisors. The board’s decision will be to tie it to me and other people on Facebook.They will use our values ​​to pass decisions and explain the reason in an open and up-to-date way. everyone’s privacy “.

This council will begin to consider carefully the first case early next year. It will cover issues related to content removal and propose a few changes.

The council will have 40 members – who will participate for a three-year term and Facebook is recruiting the first founding member, who will then add all the remaining members of the council.

The Board of Supervisors is considered a small organization in the giant empire Facebook.

“The Council will help Facebook be more responsible and improve the decision-making process. This is seen as an important step towards what we hope will become a role model for the entire industry , according to Nick. Cleff – VP of global affairs and governance at Facebook.


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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ/DigitalTrends