9 ways to become smarter in the meeting

In brainstorm meetings, having a good idea can be a stressful request. But fortunately, sometimes the company doesn't want the "new" idea.

1. Remove water and ask if anyone wants to drink


Just before the start of the meeting, sit up and ask people if they want something to drink. People will think, "Oh, this guy is cute, so considerate,". Moreover, you can "hide" for about ten minutes from the pressure meeting without anyone questioning anything. If nobody wants to eat anything, just come back with a few bottles of water, coca, and snacks. Your colleague will be "motivated" to eat and drink, and your thoughtful anxiety will make people think you can predict the future.

2. Draw a sticky note and draw a snake drawing dragon

When the meeting topic has just been introduced, please pull out the sticky note, and start drawing meaningless charts. Your colleague will begin to look at you with eyes that are both fearful and admiring, wondering how on earth you can think of so many complicated ideas without knowing what the purpose of the meeting is.

3. Perform minimal to deep comparison


As soon as people are trying to identify the problem, make a comparison of baking, or any unrelated topic. Your colleague will nod in agreement, even if they're wondering what the hell you're saying is related to the topic. Talking about the topics "beyond" everyone's prediction will make you super cool and creative in their eyes, even if the truth is just because you like to eat bread.

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4. Ask if we asked the right question


No action is smarter than asking questions through making the right questions. If someone responds, asking you if the question is exactly the question, answer the question you just asked.

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Additional tips: How to logically silence small ideas

Ask if the idea is too small, so let your colleagues think you are "big thinker" and "gamechanger" (game changer).

Use the following statements:

  • Is this 10 times more?
  • Is this the future?
  • But isn't Apple doing this?
  • I thought this was dead for a long time.
  • What is the ultimate goal of this plan?

5. Use idioms


Using idioms to question ideas is a very delicate and intelligent way of questioning.

  • Isn't it wearing pig clothes?
  • Is this so much less?

6. Developing an odd, creative habit to help you 'satisfy your mind'

Develop an odd habit of 'helping you think' and 'helping you to be creative'. This can be any kind of weird habit, from appearing in pajamas, meditating on sieves, running around in place, throwing balls into walls, hitting drums in the air with your favorite tree, or doing all at once. Even if you really don't have any good ideas, your colleagues will still be threatened by your uncontrolled creative energy.

Extra Procedures: How to quell the big ideas logically

Ask if any idea is too big, so the superior will see how much you care about the company's resources.

Please say the following:

  • How does this fit the company's direction?
  • You said it looked too general.
  • Where does this start from?
  • But how are you going to test?
  • Is this effective internationally?

7. Talk about CEOs and how they react


Make your colleagues think that you are very close to the CEO by constantly mentioning their names after every idea. Call the CEO by an intimate name. Please say that you might meet her in the 'kick' session not far away. Congratulations to everyone who came up with ideas that she might like. When you become close to the CEO, people will automatically wear the enemy you're the successor of the CEO.

8. Ask if we are creating the right framework, platform, or model


By raising an innovative framework, or a new paradigm of thinking, or transforming into a platform; You will always appear as a smart leader. This is a great trick if you want everyone to marvel at it even if you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

9. If everyone seems to like some idea, shout 'Ship it!' (Cling!)

In every meeting, it's always time for people to agree to nod excitedly about some idea or direction. At this point you should be the first person to shout "Take it!" Of course, there may be people who see it and laugh a little, but with this statement, you will show a bit of authority as a host Get the final result, even if you don't really have any power.

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