9 reasons to choose Xamarin for mobile app development (Part 2)

Ngoc Huynh

5: Coding Advantages of C#

C# is easy to learn, comprehensive, flexible, modern, general-purpose, and type-safe pure object-oriented programming languages for all.

C# allows simple data types to be treated as objects hence, reduce tons of coding efforts. C# displays flowed program behavior with type-safety properties to prevent type errors. It is doing so without any help of boilerplate or verbose type annotations.

Moreover, C# eliminates the use of pointers and headers as well as namespace and reference operators are replaced by a period. It also allows making of asynchronous programming breeze along with ASP.NET framework.

Conclusively, C# is better programming language against other cross-platform technologies.

6: Easy Availability of Developers

Microsoft has huge developer community being an older web and desktop software technology pioneer. Therefore, developers for Xamarin are plenty. Moreover, learning C# is easy and quick process compared to other cross-platform scripts.

Easy availability of developers means high competition that immediately reduces the rates of development without affecting the quality of outputs.

7: Supports Platform Uniqueness

Technically, iOS and Android have distinct UI and SDK feature align to platform characteristics of appearance and behavior. These features are central to exert native app feelings.

If any cross-platform framework hides the platform uniqueness, it loses the native app feeling and acts as foreign to the platform with conflicts and distractions.

Fortunately, Xamarin embraces the unique features of every platform instead of opposing it, as it happens in the case of many popular cross-platform technologies.

Moreover, Xamarin includes iOS and Android-specific.NET classes so it can share core logic of programs across the other platforms such as iOS and Android easily. It enables Xamarin apps to take advantages of the uniqueness of each platform.

8: Rapid Development

If you think Xamarin is giving native-like user experiences and access to the native hardware as well as software features, it may take tons of efforts and time in programming, binding, and eployment. It is wrong, as it gives rapid app development with the shortest timeline.

It is because you need not go for native coding, SDK, and development environment with native expertise on hands. You just code once in C# and some binding code for respective native packages, you have done to ship the app. No repeat coding, designing, and testing endeavors are essential with Xamarin.

9: Cost-Effective

Since you need not invest in the development of native infrastructure for iOS, Android, and Windows separately and no hiring separate team of native app developers with big pay scales, Xamarin is an obvious winner at cost efficiencies.

With a single team of Xamarin developers, you need to code once and deploy on all the main mobile platforms with seamless user experiences.

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