8/3, go to Shopee to order 3 express shipping booths in Ho Chi Minh City

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If for some objective reason, until now, you are surprised to remember that you have not prepared an 8.3 gift for her, do not worry, what is difficult has been taken care of by Shopee. Right now, you can open your phone and access the Shopee app right away to quickly order lovely gifts for your “other half”. If you are confused in the world of colorful gifts, the following 3 gift stall suggestions in the Ho Chi Minh City area will surely make you satisfied.

In particular, don’t miss the free shipping offer and attractive discount voucher from the Wed – Super freeship sale going on on Shopee with the x4 Xtra freeship offer and the code 10KCVSOPPI 10,000 VND discount for orders from 99,000 VND to shop for more savings.

Wax flower Ami Flower

In the holidays for women, flowers are always the first choice because the “pink balls” seem to be unable to resist the attraction of a beautiful bouquet. However, instead of buying fresh flowers at a rather high price with an “expiry date” of only a few days, you can order pre-packaged wax flowers with a variety of colors, designs and types at the Ami Flower booth on Shopee. . Each flower has a distinct meaning, but the “eternal” freshness of wax flowers will definitely make your 8.3 gift “score” absolutely for her.

8/3, lên Shopee đặt ngay 3 gian hàng ship hỏa tốc tại thành phố Hồ Chí Minh - Ảnh 1.

You can order a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to that person at a price of only 200,000 VND. “Visit” Ami Flower on Shopee.

Teddy bear SALOME

Knowing that sisters always “collapse” in front of lovely objects, do you not want to give her a lovely teddy bear on this occasion of 8.3? In addition, this will also be a “savior” for her to sleep soundly and relax. Especially, with the express shipping policy and the special promotion for Wednesday – Super Sale Freeship, quickly search for SALOME booth on Shopee and enter the world as cute as a bear, as soft as a teddy bear and choose for She is the most special “baby”.

8/3, lên Shopee đặt ngay 3 gian hàng ship hỏa tốc tại thành phố Hồ Chí Minh - Ảnh 2.

All SALOME products have a lovely design and are made of soft, smooth cotton that does not irritate the skin.

GUfoods Gift Box

It sounds strange, but on a lazy midweek afternoon, what’s better than receiving a “hunger relief” gift box from your boyfriend? Grasping this mentality, you can “close an order” for a carefully wrapped gift from the GUfoods brand on Shopee to surprise the “other half”. Don’t forget to take advantage of the offer from Shopee to get a significant reduction in shipping fees!

8/3, lên Shopee đặt ngay 3 gian hàng ship hỏa tốc tại thành phố Hồ Chí Minh - Ảnh 3.

The GUfoods nutritional gift box is the sweet thing you give her in the “sad” afternoon at the office.

Also in the program Wednesday – Super sale freeship, besides the product category Everything is Cheap across the industry, users are also given 2 freeship voucher codes to reduce 15,000 VND for orders from 50,000 VND, 2 codes to reduce 25,000 VND for orders. from 200,000 VND with a discount voucher for orders already in the wallet. With this voucher store, you can simultaneously enjoy a direct discount on the product, an additional discount thanks to the voucher from the store as well as Shopee with free shipping on the same order.

8/3, lên Shopee đặt ngay 3 gian hàng ship hỏa tốc tại thành phố Hồ Chí Minh - Ảnh 4.

Taking advantage of free shipping and discount vouchers from Shopee to order more “light in your wallet” is the secret of “closing orders” for women.

Don’t forget to pay for your order with ShopeePay wallet to get an instant discount of 20,000 VND just by entering the code SPPTANG20K in the Shopee Voucher section (limited quantity with conditions). In addition, users will immediately receive a shopping voucher with a discount of up to VND 40,000 for orders from VND 400,000 and receive incentives to transfer money to relatives and friends for free. In addition, a gift package worth up to VND 80,000 is offered immediately to users who successfully activate ShopeePay wallet on Shopee app. See more offers applied to order on ShopeeFood, buy Vinpearl tickets up to 50% off at: https://shopee.vn/m/shopeepay.

8/3, lên Shopee đặt ngay 3 gian hàng ship hỏa tốc tại thành phố Hồ Chí Minh - Ảnh 5.

Access the Shopee app now to discover a series of shock-absorbing products with thousands of attractive offers only available in the Wed – Super Sale Freeship program going on at: https://shopee.vn/m /mien-phi-van-chuyen

Offer information:

Don’t miss the opportunity to “give up” style with “Friday dress well” on Shopee Live at 11 am this Friday, March 10. Also, today only, get more offers from two favorite brands on Shopee. Specifically, Rejuvaskin offers code REJUTV 50% off up to 150,000 VND for skin care products, Philips gives users code PHILTV33 down 300,000 VND for products on genuine shop at Shopee Mall (with conditions).

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