7 reasons why the biggest mistake in your life is getting sick according to “Google doctor”

Tram Ho

As the Internet grows and the saying “Google does not know what” becomes the catchphrase, it is also the place where many people are always searching for answers to their questions. However, the question about the disease is absolutely not recommended. The reason is below.

1. Google doctor always hype your symptoms

It is true that when you ask “doctor Google” to catch you, you can get a seemingly pretty correct diagnosis of illness, but with that is the ability to inflate symptoms. A cough can also be a sign that you have pneumonia, or a headache can also be because you already have a brain tumor … These diagnoses will bring unnecessary worries, makes you think negatively.

2. The websites / doctors on Google are not reputable enough

There are many websites and doctors on Google, but they are not really trustworthy. Because, many websites put up health information just to pull readers in to increase views and find customers to buy medicinal products or functional foods, not interested in its accuracy. Some pages even put information of no clear origin and has not been verified.

7 lý do tại sao sai lầm lớn nhất trong đời bạn là bắt bệnh theo bác sĩ Google - Ảnh 1.

There have been a lot of people who have been fooled by websites and the “quack” doctor is found through Google, so you should be alert when catching sick on this search engine.

3. You may be frightening yourself

The Internet contains a multitude of conflicting opinions on how to take care of your health, diagnose a disease, where medical treatment … Even, many people even post on social networking groups to get advice. But hundreds of people do, so they will make you easily overwhelmed by the dozens of conflicting advice. And this will make you even more confused, worried, and unable to find the right answer.

4. You can misdiagnose yourself

When you check your symptoms with your Google doctor, you can diagnose false results yourself. The diagnostic process requires a lot of specialized knowledge, and sometimes you need to do some tests and be followed for a while to be able to give accurate results.

7 lý do tại sao sai lầm lớn nhất trong đời bạn là bắt bệnh theo bác sĩ Google - Ảnh 2.

The habit of searching for information or doing self-examination as directed by a Google doctor does not guarantee a reliable diagnosis. So, don’t believe the three symptoms of disease on Google.

5. Causes you to delay medical examination

There are many times because of your self-diagnosis according to your Google doctor that you delay going to the hospital for examination. But as you know above, all the information that Google gives you is not necessarily true, even false. So sometimes, this delay can cause the condition to go into a serious stage and become very difficult to cure.

6. There are many “crazy” advice

When you are not well, you will be softened to listen to ridiculous advice or home remedies, remedies according to folk remedies spread online.

Self-healing at home can lead to some side effects of the medication, leading to serious consequences.

7. Doctors on Google are not medically trained

It takes at least 5 years to 7 years to learn both practical theory to be examined and to start working, because medicine is a very difficult and directly life-threatening field. human. But many “self-proclaimed” Google doctors do not have this knowledge base, so they can make many mistakes when catching illnesses and giving advice on healthcare.

Google doctor is convenient, quick, but cannot replace the diagnosis and appointment of a regular doctor. If you trust too much what you read on the Internet, you can cure the wrong way or even harm your health.

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Source : Genk