7 innovations in the defense industry remind us of the dangers of Skynet and artificial intelligence

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The creation of artificial intelligence application weapons in the defense industry is not merely a benefit for humans but can also be a threat in the future if we cannot control them.

If you suspect that Skynet cannot exist in the real world, you are probably wrong. There have been many films or stories about the dangers of artificial intelligence technology, especially in modern warfare. Among them it is hard to ignore Skynet in the movie Destroyer.

Of course not only are people interested in new AI worrying that even top technology leaders like Elon Musk or Bill Gates have expressed concern with AI.

Or the prophecy of the late genius of physics genius Stephen Hawking once said: “When artificial intelligence reaches perfection, it will be the end of the human race. It will refine itself, redesign itself at an increasingly fast pace. People are limited by evolution so they cannot compete with them and risk being replaced. ”

Concerned that being overtaken by AI and taking over as a master, the most dangerous thing is when the AI ​​rebels and uses its own power to destroy people, including the ability to control military weapons.

Here are some examples of integrated AI military technology that remind us to be more vigilant than artificial intelligence and the rising risk of Skynet to dominate the world:

Skyborg: Jet and drone integrated AI

Recently the US Air Force has announced a new AI program called Skyborg, which aims to introduce an autopilot drone and even an unmanned drone in the future.

Although people still have to wait a long time to realize this idea, it is clear that the idea of ​​creating an AI-controlled sewing machine is extremely worrying.

The Active Denial System

Active Denial System (ADS) is an extremely dangerous DEW-oriented energy weapon combination of the US military.

This system is a combination of radar and electromagnetic waves that operate by firing electromagnetic rays with the same frequency in the microwave. The energy from high-frequency radio waves can cause pain for one person but does not carry high damage. Energy will cause the surface skin to heat up to an unbearable level, so ADS is very effective in dispersing the crowd.

But it would be dangerous if the system is not controlled by humans but processed by AI. No one knows what AI will cause mistakes or may abuse this technology to endanger people.

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Quantum Stealth – Stealth cloth

The US military is secretly developing a special camouflage fabric called Quantum Stealth. It is invisible because of its ability to bend light. It is possible to temporarily compare this fabric like an invisibility cloak in Harry Potter movies.

This is of course an extremely effective military technology if applied in real combat. However, we have the right to worry about how AI robots can use this technology to hide in front of humans.

AI bullets

The EXACTO defense program of DARPA (US Department of Defense High-Level Research Project) possesses the most important and best technology to never let them fall into robot hands or AI systems. That is the project to create AI bullets, turn inanimate bullets to become smarter and understand the intention of the shooter.

These smart bullets are able to resist air resistance or environmental impacts such as backward wind to get the most accurate direction.


PHASR is like the cool weapon found in Halo game. It was a gigantic laser gun, but it was not damaging by the US Department of Defense. Guns are not designed to destroy or distract but only stun enemies.

The laser beam emitted from the gun can temporarily blind the opponent and cannot determine the direction when fighting. This is also a dangerous military technology if it falls into Skynet’s hands.

Weapons of the human brain

It sounds a bit vague and vain, but people are dreaming of a future that can control every test with the brain, or more specifically, thinking. Currently the Chinese military has been testing robot models that can be controlled by the brain in humans. The goal is to create an army of robots that participate in combat and man-made remote control to avoid casualties.

But it is clear that controlling the remote robot with the brain will cause potential dangers. It’s hard to imagine if Skynet could use her power to control a fighting robot back to betray humans.

Electric gun from Railgun

Possessing a distance of more than 20 times and the warhead flying 10 times faster than other conventional military weapons, it was the danger of a electromagnetic gun (railgun). Even more dangerous when guns can operate without relying on gunpowder.

Instead, the gun uses electromagnetic rails, large power supplies and capacitors to accelerate a solid, explosive-free bullet that contains tungsten weighing about 11.3kg.

This is an extremely dangerous damage weapon when it can fire a cannon with speed faster than the speed of sound. Besides being used as weapons, railguns are so powerful that they can be used to launch spacecraft. It would be dangerous if this gun fell into Skynet’s hands.

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