6 technology jobs forecast to grow strongly in the future

CareerCast job hunting site has just announced the best list of IT jobs in 2016 based on salary and importance of position in the company, after "scouring" its entire database.

They also look at the growth of each job, and predict their development in the future.

Here are some hot jobs in 2016 and tend to grow strongly in the future.

No. 6, Network – Computer Administration: growth of 8%

IT professionals who manage computers and computer networks earn an average of $ 77,810 in 2016.

With the increasing trend of cloud computing – just renting the number you need and accessing via the internet – means companies will buy fewer computers than they need. However, the need for this skill will not be lost. Recruitment demand is expected to increase by 8% until 2024.

No. 5, Data Scientist: 16% growth

Data Scientists obtained an average of $ 128,240 in 2016. And thanks to the boom of the era of all data data and big data, the need for this skill will be hard to reduce in the future.

The demand for Data Scientists recruitment is expected to increase by 16% until 2024.

No. 4, Software Engineer: 17% moon growth

Software Engineer obtained an average of $ 100,690 in 2016.

This is a "hot" skill everywhere, from high-tech companies to "popular" organizations that need customized software for their customers and employees.

Software Engineer recruitment demand is expected to increase by 17% until 2024.

No. 3, Information security analysis: growth of 18%

Information security analysts earned an average of $ 90,120 in 2016.

As our computers, devices, and data store more and more sensitive, important information; and so we need the "hero" to protect all this confidential information.

The demand for this skill is expected to increase by 18% until 2024.

No. 2, Analysis of computer systems: growth of 21%

The computer analyst earned an average of $ 85,800 in 2016.

As long as there are users and write applications for the computer, there will always be someone who can resolve the problem, and anyone other than the analyst system.

Demand for this skill is expected to increase by 21% until 2024.

No. 1, Web developer: 27% growth

Web developers earned an average of $ 64,970 in 2016.

Although the salary for this job is not too high, it seems that demand never diminishes.

Demand for this skill is expected to increase by 27% until 2024.

ITZone via businessinsider

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