6 robot apps you may not know yet

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Robots are becoming increasingly popular in today’s technological age. Besides popular applications, robots are also used to perform functions that few people know about.

There is no official definition of the components that make up a robot, but many robotics experts consider it a moving machine or moving parts and can make basic decisions when interacting. with the world.

Here are 6 applications of robots but less known.

Food sorting robot

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Each grain of rice you eat is classified by a robotic machine with a lightning-fast image processing system. Rice sorters are a miracle of automation and most people are unaware of their existence. The grains do not grow naturally evenly in color and look like the rice bags you buy in the market or in the supermarket.

Each grain of rice is processed by a robot using very high speed cameras, lights and a computer. Images of each grain of rice are analyzed by computer and its ranking decision. Airflows are turned on / off to navigate the grain to the right barrel. This activity takes place hundreds of times every second.

In fact, rice is not the only food classified by robots. The food classification market is growing rapidly. Sortable robots are wheat, pea and seed.

Robots in medical training

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Many nurses, emergency workers and doctors are currently trained on robot patients. These robots can simulate different situations, giving medical students the opportunity to diagnose and treat them before they practice on a real patient. These robot patients are like simulated flights that pilots use during their training.

Some robots are sized and look like real people, but others are more specialized and can represent only a part of a human being.

Robot in police training

Armed reaction teams, snipers may have been trained by robots. Sydney-based Marathon Targets sells a series of mobile robots for military and police training programs. These robots are armored and can be used to simulate targets during real bullet training.

Robot extract poison

Drugs to prevent malaria or suppress the immune system may contain components that are scorpion venom. The process of extracting venom from scorpions is quite dangerous for humans, but is perfect for robots.

Robot supports drain

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Excess fat clogging the drain has become a big problem in many cities around the world. Inspection and maintenance of drainage systems has become more important than ever. Examiners can now use robots to assist them in this difficult job.

Robot and shopping activity

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In the process of transporting many products online has the participation of robots. Many container ports have been partially automated. Giant containers are taken down from the ship by crane operators.

But then, these containers are handled by giant robot crane with straddle carrier. They move around ports, stack, remove or rearrange containers, and after containers are ready to be shipped, they are automatically loaded onto container trucks.

Many warehouses are also being operated using mobile robots. The most famous example is the Amazon automation repository. The retail giant has built many warehouses for mobile robots so that they can transport goods to shelves.

Amazon sensed the importance of warehouse transport robots for its success, which acquired the manufacturing enterprise for $ 775 million in 2012.

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