500 Vietnamese programmers joined hands to repel Covid-19

Tram Ho

In addition to more than 900 information technology engineers participating on the fronts, the national steering committee’s anti-epidemic quick response group covid-19 needs urgent in the order of important tech positions, you do. In the field of technology – programming can refer to below the list that anti-epidemic units are urgently needed and consider participating, Vietnam is in need of us.

1. National Steering Committee against epidemic
2️⃣ Open Street Map Engineers (3+ years of experience)
2️⃣ Big Data Engineer has experience in Public Health Data
2️⃣ Hadoop Engineers (3+ years of experience)
1️⃣ Project Managers ((5+ years of experience)
2️⃣ Java Engineer (3+ years of experience)
2️⃣ Documentor ((3+ years of experience)
👉 Working in Hanoi
👉 Contact for Mr. Trung Nguyen

2. The Ministry of Health
👩‍💻 👨‍💻 Epidemiology & Statistics Specialist to join the team to develop and operate an epidemic forecasting model
👉 Can participate remotely
👉 Contact for Duc Anh Ha .

Everyone can share and recommend friends to join hands to repel the disease!

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Source : Techtalk