5 ways to save 3 hours a day by a lazy person who sounds ridiculous but very convincing

Tram Ho

To get more time for yourself, discover the 5 super hacking and super effective ways to save lazy people at the same time:

1. Rent a house near the company

It is said that you spend one third of your life, 8 hours a day, for work. But they forget that 8 hours is just “net” time – the time you need to be present and plug in, but forgot to mention:

• 1-2 hours to move from home to the company

• 1-2 hours for breakfast, lunch, lunch break

• and an extra 1-2 hours of evening to think / worry about the job

So one day 24h and nearly 2/3 of that time will be used for your work. It will be a lot of saving time if your home is within a radius of 3km from the company. So you’ve saved nearly 2 hours a day on the go! It was time to leisurely make a cup of coffee, plan a new day, and not have to worry about the world out of traffic or dust.

2. Wear a headset

Even if you don’t hear anything, wear headphones, especially at work. The headset will make other people think before calling or telling you something. Imagine a day to avoid 3 to 5 stories without purpose, you have saved a lot of time already.

By the way, science has proven that music helps the brain to focus and be more interested in work, in case you need to listen to music to improve productivity, you can listen to the playlist of JSBach and Vivaldi.

5 cách tiết kiệm 3 tiếng mỗi ngày của người lười nghe vô lý nhưng lại rất thuyết phục - Ảnh 1.

3. Turn off notifications, especially message notifications.

The enemy of productivity is the interrupting agent, and the announcement is the most distracting agent in this age. Notifications just let you feel like you might not have missed something, but it won’t help you get things done more efficiently.

Turn off unnecessary notifications, even turn off all notifications in the time you need to focus on solving important things, that you have saved more than 30 minutes a day just to surf the screen to see have discount voucher, mobifone text me, what is the bank luring me for, ..

4. Neat and tidy hair

Everyone wants to stay in bed for another 5 – 10 minutes every morning, and if you have a hair that only takes 30 seconds to stroke or brush, that’s perfectly possible, maybe a little more baked! The “national” hairstyles – beautiful, both easy to style and neat, are the crab cut (Buzz cut) and Undercut in Vietnamese men’s style (Mohican)

5 cách tiết kiệm 3 tiếng mỗi ngày của người lười nghe vô lý nhưng lại rất thuyết phục - Ảnh 2.

5. Basic plan to start thinking what busy today

The strategy is to choose for yourself the style of Basic clothes – items that are easy to wear, easy to coordinate, suitable for all situations such as plain T-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, .. to save an additional 30 minutes a day.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg once called it “costume insight” when explaining how often he wears a gray T-shirt: “I want my life to be as simple as possible. Time to think, I spend all my energy just building the best products and services to serve the community. ”

5 cách tiết kiệm 3 tiếng mỗi ngày của người lười nghe vô lý nhưng lại rất thuyết phục - Ảnh 3.

Coolmate – Vietnamese Startup pioneers in extremely psychological shopping solutions

Understanding that mentality, “Coolmate Wardrobe” was born, serving men with convenient furniture boxes, not too fussy and complicated in both products and shopping operations.

Savings and convenience have been packed into each Box with many names and forms such as Trial Box – 269K, Cool Box – 490K and Super cool Box – 650K. Corresponds to the fluctuation in quantity suitable to the needs from short-term for business trips, to longer-term demand for daily use.

5 cách tiết kiệm 3 tiếng mỗi ngày của người lười nghe vô lý nhưng lại rất thuyết phục - Ảnh 4.

To get a convenient shopping with just one purchase, Coolmate’s website is designed optimally for users, on average it takes only 1-2 minutes to complete 1 Box of your own liking, instead of because it takes 1-2 hours to drive to select each item.

5 cách tiết kiệm 3 tiếng mỗi ngày của người lười nghe vô lý nhưng lại rất thuyết phục - Ảnh 5.

As a pioneering young startup in the new shopping model, Coolmate constantly strives to develop new products, maintain outstanding services such as 4 hours delivery in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, free return and exchange within 45 days. or 24/7 consultancy, to continuously create value and memorable experiences for customers.

Experience Coolmate now to save time for yourself:

Website: https://coolmate.me/

Hotline: 1900272737

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