5 typical companies use in-app messages

We love discussing ways to create good push messages. But messages in-app (messages in app) are also a problem! Are you vague about the difference between push notifications and messages in the app? Push notifications are messages you receive on the main screen when you exit the app, and the messages in the app are the information the user receives in the app. It is quite unexpected that 1/3 app does not use these 2 types of messages / notifications.

We want to change that. Because in-app (works in app) has many benefits:

  • They appear when users are using, so more users will see the messages in the app than push notifications
  • Apps using messages in the app have 27% more app launches.
  • Messages in the app keep users 3.5 times higher

We are still observing the apps that make messages in the app well and have not been disappointed. Take a look at the 5 companies below to see how a good in-app message is, from here you can apply for your own project.

Linkedin: Help users discover features

Your users may be missing the features they need so this is the reason for users to increase engagement with the app. A friendly, well-informed news line will help users discover new interesting things about the app (this is also a good way to promote new features – mentioned in another article).

Duolingo: Tell users about the difference

In terms of application experience, strange things can make users "stunned". Duolingo anticipates the unpleasant emotions that users encounter and helps them understand the benefits of these messages with reassuring nuances and conversations. Duolingo also doesn't forget to add brand names and brand colors.

Paperless Post: Support for new users

The initial experience is the first time that users use the app. If you bring a good experience, it will keep users up to 50%. Make sure your users know how to operate so that messages can be highly effective.

Runkeeper: Show off new things

To encourage users to test your new "cool" feature while using the app, be prepared for testing. Runkeeper's design is eye-catching, demonstrates the brand and conveys the excitement about the Running Groups. In addition, they ensure user benefits – motivation to run and gain goals – a simple, easy to understand way. Alternatively, you can use CTA to make it easier for users to enter new features.

Uber: Share important information

Do you feel pressured when reading here? Uber ensures users know what can negatively affect the experience afterwards. Most of the messages are designed to catch attention (sometimes annoying), and Uber gets a plus point by clarifying what's going on, why and how to get more ubers available. Ready to serve more users.

Source: ITZone via IDE Academy via Localytics

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