5 tips for using a laptop that you should not ignore

Tram Ho

Today, Laptop (notebook) is a device associated with work, study and entertainment of many people. In this article, we would like to tell you a few tips to use your laptop more efficiently and conveniently.

5 mẹo sử dụng máy tính xách tay mà bạn không nên bỏ qua - Ảnh 1.

1. Disable the application that starts with the computer

Many applications now have the ability to automatically run when the computer starts. This is sometimes quite convenient, but in some cases it is not necessary, they will make your computer boot difficult and take more time.

Not only that, some applications running in the background also consume battery and consume memory resources. Therefore, choose the most necessary applications. The rest, leave them unused (until you really need them).

2. Regularly update the operating system

Operating systems like Windows regularly have updates to fix bugs or add features. These updates will help you use your Laptop more efficiently and conveniently. To avoid forgetting, turn on auto-update mode, you will have a more complete operating system the next morning.

3. Clean up your hard drive periodically

One limitation of the laptop is that the hard drive capacity is not high. Therefore, you often fall into a situation where there is not enough memory to store information. Remember to regularly clean the hard drive, delete unnecessary things so that the machine has more space to use.

4. Periodic virus scan

Viruses or malicious codes are always a nightmare for computer users. Sometimes, just by accidently accessing a strange path, you can pave the way for dozens of viruses to attack your computer. Periodic virus scanning is the best way to protect the computer as well as the user’s personal information.

5. Proficient use of keyboard shortcuts

When processing a job on a computer, often users will use a combination of keyboard and mouse operations to perform most of the necessary operations on the screen. Although this has become a habit of the vast majority of computer users, we must admit that dragging and clicking repeatedly is extremely time consuming.

Today, most users always want their operations to be quick and neat, bring a professional feeling when working, or at least limit the use of the mouse every time they perform a function. Something of Windows. To solve this problem, computer manufacturers have created shortcuts to help users use the computer more efficiently by combining keys together to query a certain feature.

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