5 recruitment trends in new year!

Ngoc Huynh

Explosion of technology gives users a chance to shorten the distance. Job seekers and employers now have more implications. Employers tend to use social networks, mobile networks to find candidates. Many recent studies show there are five dominant trends affecting jobs, interview and select candidates. Catching up movement was good and quick way to help you find a job that fit preferences and capabilities.

1. Employers are using a lot of social networking to find candidates

80% of employees were asked, not satisfied with their current job and looking for more opportunities. If one day, there is a chance sent to your inbox in LinkedIn? Remember that there are managers, HR always searching for talents like you. So what to do to find them easier? Do as they do: engage in more social networks, register and upload your resume out there, regularly updated your work experience, new capabilities, find new relationships, build “acquaintance” systems to your account because that’s the way to people know about you.

2. Using online data to make more intelligent decisions

By analyzing the data available, we choose the skilled, professional and passionate workers. What will you do to people know your ability? Creating a profile as detailed as possible, using words to help them search on Google (which keywords are usually selected from the job description or the company’s website). Knowing which skills will help you more outstanding than other candidates. Many candidates are taking advantage of articles, essays, short video for “PR” for the content of their personal page.

3. Businesses are investing for “brand promotion”

Most companies, enterprises now have their own websites, with a business page on the social network. They want to prove they catch up with the trends, and they are worthy place for your talents. Visit their Facebook or LinkedIn, participate in the topic on their wall. You have updated your information? Just create an opportunity for employers to find you.

4. Nobody wants their employees to turn to work for competitors

Business strategy is to invest in development staffs in the business, so the company is always uphold the training issue. So how to be promoted in the business? Take a look at the positions are recruited within your company. Learning which skills your job need, which skills you can satisfy.

5. Mobile recruitment trend

Smartphones are gradually replaced how people access to information. Just need internet connection, you can access to all information repository on the computer. So why do employers do not take advantage of this trend? In fact they studied recruitment apps to support their work. Take your phone to download the apps from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc … to access information easily and find appropriate job soon.

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