5 reasons why you don’t need to upgrade your phone every year

Tram Ho

At present, the smartphone industry has almost reached the saturation stage. Phones are now powerful enough that a 2 year old device is still quite adequate for most users. Therefore, if you have just bought a new phone in 2021 and are intending to upgrade to a newer, more powerful device in this 2022, perhaps you should reconsider because below, I will give you 5 reasons why you don’t need to upgrade to a new phone every year.

5 lý do vì sao bạn chẳng cần phải nâng cấp điện thoại mới mỗi năm - Ảnh 1.

Of course, unless there are force majeure cases like your phone has a problem with damage, or you simply … have too much money and don’t care about the reasons that I am about to give below, please Just do what you want.

1. Smartphones get only minor upgrades every year

In recent years, technology has reached a threshold of almost saturation, everything that users need has been equipped on smartphones, such as large high-resolution screens, cameras with many “dots”. “, periscope optical zoom, performance is upgraded every year from 20 – 25% or fast charging also increases year by year (now has reached 120W and is popular at 30W – 65W)…

Although manufacturers are always committed to bringing screen or camera upgrades to smartphones, in the end, the results that users get are almost no different from previous generations of smartphones. : the screen is still sharp, can you distinguish 8-bit color or 10-bit color? 64MP or 108MP cameras both give almost the same daytime photo quality…

5 lý do vì sao bạn chẳng cần phải nâng cấp điện thoại mới mỗi năm - Ảnh 2.

Most users are satisfied with the features available on mid-range to high-end smartphones. New technologies like 5G or Wi-Fi 6/6E really aren’t necessary on smartphones, and it doesn’t matter if you have them, unless you really need them.

2. Smartphone battery will still “live well” for at least 2 years

The Lithium-ion battery technology used in smartphones will certainly reduce its life after a period of use, but that doesn’t mean you need to replace your smartphone after a year. Most battery life is estimated to be 1000 full charge cycles. If you charge it once a day, it will take nearly 3 years for the battery to reduce its life so much that you have to change the battery.

5 lý do vì sao bạn chẳng cần phải nâng cấp điện thoại mới mỗi năm - Ảnh 3.

In most cases, your smartphone will perform at its optimum for at least 2 years from purchase. If not, then review how you charge your device every day.

Even if your phone’s battery has become too weak, it’s easy to replace the original battery, and manufacturers offer replacement batteries at a low price.

3. Phones get software updates for years, especially iPhones

If you buy a smartphone in the high-end segment, regardless of whether it’s Android or iPhone, feel free to use it for at least 2 years (for Android) and 3 to 4 years for iPhone because high-end models mostly Most software manufacturers update their software with at least 2 major Android updates. This number for iPhone is even double or triple.

Of course, not every software update is to experience new features. Many manufacturers limit many new features on newer models to partially “force” users to upgrade. Not far, Apple is a prime example. If you remember recently, Apple launched the Face ID unlocking feature with a mask, but this feature is only available on iPhone 12 and above.

5 lý do vì sao bạn chẳng cần phải nâng cấp điện thoại mới mỗi năm - Ảnh 4.

Therefore, if you really need a new feature that can only be experienced on newer devices, consider upgrading your phone, otherwise your current device will still be enough.

4. Upgrades are not worth the money

In the past, the most advanced smartphone of any brand cost less than 600-700 USD (or in Vietnam it is under 20 million). That time was a decade ago, now high-end smartphones cost up to 1000 USD, even up to 1500 USD if you want to upgrade the memory.

In a word, in 2014, Apple’s most advanced iPhone 6 Plus cost only 749 USD. But 7 years later, with the amount of 749 USD, you can only buy the iPhone 13 or 13 mini. Now to own the most advanced iPhone, the amount that users need to spend is 1099 USD.

5 lý do vì sao bạn chẳng cần phải nâng cấp điện thoại mới mỗi năm - Ảnh 5.

Every year the technology upgrade on smartphones is very little and it hardly makes a significant difference for you to notice. Even iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max have no design difference. You need to list out the major phone upgrades and choose which ones are really necessary. If there is enough reason to upgrade, then just drop the money and order a new machine.

5. Performance no difference after one generation

For most users, they can’t tell the difference between 8GB and 12GB RAM, unless that person is a “crazy” to use multitasking. Or does an Apple A14 chip with A15 Bionic make any difference in daily use tasks such as surfing the web, Facebook, taking photos, playing games?

Although every year, flagship chips give theoretical performance improvements of 20-25 even up to 30%, but in reality, this difference in performance is difficult to measure. is and is only shown through performance benchmarks.

5 lý do vì sao bạn chẳng cần phải nâng cấp điện thoại mới mỗi năm - Ảnh 6.

Perhaps after the above 5 reasons, you can already come up with an answer for your decision to upgrade your smartphone. Smartphone life cycle has become longer now and it doesn’t really need to be upgraded every year. The ideal number to upgrade a phone is probably after 2 years, when the technology gap becomes more apparent.

And as I mentioned, in case you have a lot of money and don’t hesitate to upgrade to a new smartphone, just do what you want!

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