5 libraries that improve and inspire your UI

Tram Ho

1. GravitySliderFlowLayout

GravitySliderFlowLayout is a lightweight flow-layout animation library for UIColectionView scrolling horizontally.
Written entirely in Swift for iOS 11+ and xCode 9+. https://github.com/ApplikeySolutions/GravitySlider

2. VegaScroll

VegaScroll is a library with beautiful flow-layout animations for UICollectionView scrolling vertically, written by swift 4, for iOS 11 and xCode 9.

To use it, simply assign the instance of VegaScrollFlowLayout to the collectionViewLayout property.

3. Mandoline

Mandoline is a UICollectionView you can use if you need an interface with a “picking” feature. You can use it for functions like date selection, hotel and restaurant reservations.
The test also uses haptic technology to provide a better experience while selecting or moving cells.

4. Reel Search

To use Reel Search, you need to assign data source to a list, a class inheriting from UICollectionViewCell, and implement the ConfigurableCell protocol, and subclasses of UITextField.
Reel Search also supports theming. To change the default theme you need to install the Theme protocol on your class. https://github.com/Ramotion/reel-search

5. Sheet

This library can help you create many different action sheets.
The sheet has an arbitrary structure with the views of subclasses inheriting from SheetContentsViewController. https://github.com/ParkGwangBeom/Sheet

Reference and translation article from https://medium.com/better-programming/5-ios-libraries-to-improve-and-inspire-your-ui-3a7c768a176c

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Source : Viblo