5 iPhone trends that even Apple couldn’t foresee

Tram Ho

In 2007, the iPhone was first released. At first glance this device was very cool, but at that time most people were confused because the iPhone did not have a mechanical keyboard like the Blackberry. Users must directly type text on the screen.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, when he first saw the iPhone, insisted the $500 price tag was too expensive, and that the iPhone wouldn’t appeal to business people because it wasn’t convenient to send emails.

Actual results demonstrate how attractive the iPhone is. The test user cannot leave the machine. Typing text on the screen is not a big deal. In addition, the large screen makes viewing photos and videos more “happy”. As for the issue of email, there is no need to discuss, the iPhone still works well at this need.

However, even the heads of Apple did not expect that their product would bring the following changes:

1. App Store Popularity

5 xu hướng iPhone đến cả Apple cũng không lường trước được - Ảnh 1.

Every week App Store receives more than 25,000 app approval registrations

iPhone 3G was born in 2008, and it was also the first time the App Store appeared. The App Store allows developers from other entities, from one-member startups to large enterprises, to post apps and reach out to users. The service sounded great, but at the time, Apple thought 50 application applications was “a success”. As a result, they received up to 500 applications.

As of April 2009, the App Store receives more than 25,000 application approvals each week. The App Store has become the most diverse and most connected software ecosystem the world has ever seen. And big names like Instagram, Waze, Uber or Snapchat all started with an iPhone app.

2. Enter the passcode when purchasing the product

5 xu hướng iPhone đến cả Apple cũng không lường trước được - Ảnh 2.

Apple requires users to enter a password when making any purchases

This rule is called the “Mylie Rule”. The name comes from the App Store reviewer’s daughter Mylie, when she accidentally made an in-game purchase and caused her father’s credit card to be charged $450.

This is not the only case of deductions. Apple receives a lot of complaints from customers about buying “tricks” that are too well hidden in apps (in-app purchases). So while waiting for the next iOS update, Apple requires users to enter a password when making any purchases while using the app.

Iphone has no tricks to win

3. Popularity of second camera

5 xu hướng iPhone đến cả Apple cũng không lường trước được - Ảnh 3.

The front camera opened up an era of selfies

In fact, Apple considers making its own camera, because it knows more about photography hardware and software than any other company in the world. But then they realized that no one wants to carry two devices at once. They turned to the idea of ​​​​putting the “quintessence” of photography into the phone. And the iPhone 4G came out with a front-facing camera, mostly for FaceTime calling. But the front camera eventually ushered in an era of selfies and front-facing camera apps like Snapchat.

4. Bigger screen demand

5 xu hướng iPhone đến cả Apple cũng không lường trước được - Ảnh 4.

Apple realizes that the iPhone screen needs to be bigger

For years, Apple thought there was no need to change the screen size.

Then in 2014, Android phones expanded the screen to 5-6 inches. At that time, Apple won a lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement (not related to screen size) and received $ 530 million.

But in the process, Apple realized that the iPhone screen needed to be bigger. And the next-generation iPhone products, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, had larger screens and became one of Apple’s best-selling products.

5. Things that users actually do on their phones

5 xu hướng iPhone đến cả Apple cũng không lường trước được - Ảnh 5.

Apple simply wants to make the best device possible

Andy Warhol once said, “Don’t think about making art, just make it. Let others judge whether it’s good or bad.”

Steve Jobs himself, and the entire team at Apple, took a similar path. Steve Jobs once shared that he was a tool maker himself. He wanted to make the best product he could. What happens next, no one can predict.

In a documentary, filmmaker Joanna Stern said, Apple simply wanted to make the best device possible, not thinking about creating something that would change the world.

And that’s also what a phone company can do. The rest belongs to the customer. It is the customer who decides whether the phone product is good, meets their needs or not, makes their life better. And what users can do with the iPhone, Apple itself cannot imagine.

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