5 Best websites to learn Python programming

Over the past decade, the Python programming language has become extremely popular among the developer community in all different areas. From web developers to video game designers to tool creators, many have loved the language. Why? Because it is easy to learn, easy to use and very powerful.

If you are looking for materials to learn Python, you are in luck. Because there are so many resources on the web to learn Python programming, many of them are completely free. Here are some of the best materials. And to bring the best results, we also recommend that you use ALL these sites because each page has its own advantages.

# 1 – How To Think Like A Computer Scientist (How to think like a computer scientist)

Làm thế nào để nghĩ giống một nhà khoa học máy tính

The most notable aspect of the Python tutorial series on this site is that it not only teaches you how to use the Python programming language, but also teaches you how to think like programmer thought. If this is the first time you're exposed to programming, the How to Think Like a Computer Scientist website will be an invaluable resource for you.

However, remember, learning how to think like a computer scientist will require a complete change in your mental model. Catching this change will be easy for some people and it will be difficult for others, but as long as you persevere, you will eventually succeed. And once you've learned how to think like a computer scientist, you'll be able to learn other Python languages ​​easily!

# 2 – Dive Into Python

Dive into Python

The tutorial series on the Dive Into Python website is a great tutorial for those who want to learn Python but have little or no experience about programming. The first part of the tutorial will walk you through the steps needed to set up a Python interpreter on your computer, which can be very difficult for people who first learn programming.

This site has one downside: it can try to go deep into it too quickly. As an experienced Python programmer, I feel that newbie may be overwhelmed by the very fast teaching speed of the author. If you can keep up, the Dive Into Python will be a great resource. If you can't keep up, visit some of the other sites on the list until you have a better understanding of the language, then come back and try again.

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# 3 – The Official Python Tutorial

Trang chủ Python

Where else to learn Python better than to go to its official website? The creators of this language themselves have designed a great number of useful tutorials that will lead you through the basics of this language.

The best part of this web tutorial is the moderate pace of instruction, delving into specific concepts to keep you in mind, not merely helping you understand them. This website is formatted simple and pleasing to the eye, which will make your whole learning experience easier.

If you already have a programming knowledge base, Python's official website tutorials may be too slow and boring for you. But if you are a completely new person, you will find this an invaluable resource in your quest for knowledge.

# 4 – TryPython

Trang web TryPython

Unlike the Python tutorial pages listed above, TryPython is great because the site itself has a built-in Python interpreter. This means that you can use Python code right on the website , without having to wander to find a way to install the interpreter on your system.

Of course, you will eventually need to install an interpreter if you plan to learn this language seriously, but TryPython lets you try Python before investing too much time in a language you Maybe then don't use it. TryPython's tutorial series combines with the interpreter, allowing you to dive with the code in real time, try to change and experience the results immediately. This is probably the most practical Python tutorial that you can find outside of a practical classroom.

TryPython requires Microsoft Silverlight to be installed in your browser.

# 5 – LearnPython

Trang web LearnPython

Like TryPython, LearnPython has an interpreter built right into that web page, as well as a series of tutorials that come with it. What is the difference between these two sites? Actually, not much.

LearnPython provides more basic knowledge, which means that newbie will be able to keep up with the content of the lessons and feel less overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge on it. And unlike TryPython, LearnPython includes programming exercises at the end of each lesson. These exercises are provided to reinforce the knowledge you have gained and to ensure that you really understand what you have learned.

BONUS – PyGame

Lập trình game bằng Python

For those who want to learn Python to finally be able to create video games, this site will be extremely helpful for you. PyGame is a set of Python libraries that allow you to create graphical applications. Often Python runs in a console window, which limits you to ASCII text. PyGame provides functionality to display images on the screen in a non-console window.

What is the best part here? It is easy to learn and easy to use as Python language.


Although learning Python language is not too difficult, Python is also a powerful language that can be used in many different types of applications. Its popularity has increased steadily over the last few years and there is no sign that this language will soon disappear. If you want to learn a powerful and highly flexible programming language, it's never too late to start jumping into Python.

Please take a few minutes to comment on which Python resources you use!

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