4 rookie LG speakers promise to cause fever for every festive party

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Experience all levels of music – cinema in the living room with SH7Q and S75Q soundbars

The audio channel of the SH7Q speaker version is expanded to 5.1 channels. In particular, SH7Q is designed with high power up to 800W with DTS Virtual: X standard sound technology, ensuring to fill your home entertainment space with a multi-dimensional audio experience, giving you moments of listening. Sublime music comes alive right in your living room as if you were in a real theater.

4 tân binh loa nhà LG hứa hẹn gây sốt cho mọi tiệc vui mùa lễ hội - Ảnh 1.

SH7Q speaker system includes 5.1 channels with a capacity of 800W with theater quality sound

Having been successful with high-end technologies Dolby Atmos, Meridian, DTS Virtual: X on high-end segment sound bar products, LG continues to upgrade and apply these technologies to the Sound Bar S75Q combined with 3.1.2 channel structure, creating a 3-dimensional surround space covering the whole room, allowing you to feel the clear, different sound of each character in the movie. Now you can enjoy “home cinema” with realistic, emotional sound.

4 tân binh loa nhà LG hứa hẹn gây sốt cho mọi tiệc vui mùa lễ hội - Ảnh 2.

Experience authentic, immersive sound at home with the S75Q

In particular, both the new SH7Q and S75Q speaker models are also integrated with AI Sound Pro intelligent algorithm technology, allowing active content analysis to optimize sound, suitable for each different content from movies. to music, even gaming or news.

No need to go far, in these exciting year-end days, you can always spice up your home parties by fully enjoying any of your favorite movies or concerts right at your familiar living space. own belonging.

S75Q and SH7Q are now available on LG’s official website and dealers, with reference prices of each model at VND 10,990,000 and VND 9,990,000 respectively. With only the price in the mid-range segment, you can immediately buy yourself a “theater standard” sound system. Learn more about the Sound Bar series here: https://www.lg.com/vn/sound-bar.

Fall in love with music everywhere with LG XBOOM Go XG7 and XG5

If the SH7Q and S75Q are gifts for the group you love to enjoy at home, then the LG XBOOM Go XG7 and XG5 are the choice to indulge the love of music in the exciting outdoor fun of the traveling devotees.

New look – Start all the fun

4 tân binh loa nhà LG hứa hẹn gây sốt cho mọi tiệc vui mùa lễ hội - Ảnh 3.

LG XBOOM Go 2022 new boxy look

Unlike previous LG XBOOM Go products, in the 2022 version, the two speaker models XG7 and XG5 are designed in a box shape to better promote sound diffusion but still retain weight and compact size. , easily stowed into luggage and accompanies users on every trip.

Large capacity – Enjoy good music

Not only has a large capacity level, the two new members of the LG XBOOM Go series are also integrated with Sound Boost mode that expands the sound field and operates at maximum capacity while still retaining detail and clarity. , no distortion occurs. In addition, a woofer dedicated to the bass ranges is also integrated, especially the XG7 also has a tweeter to help reproduce treble details. With the XG7 and XG5, the music you bring with you on every journey is not only familiar tunes, but also vivid reproductions of every bass verse, excited drums and explosive lead guitar passages. , no matter where you are.

Long-lasting battery – Durable speaker

4 tân binh loa nhà LG hứa hẹn gây sốt cho mọi tiệc vui mùa lễ hội - Ảnh 4.

Play all day with XBOOM Go with up to 24 hours of battery life

Another worthwhile upgrade on the two rookie LG portable speakers is the large battery capacity, for up to 24 hours of operation on the XG7 and 18 hours on the XG5 with IP67 water and dust resistance. So, not only can you enjoy listening to your favorite playlist all day long, you can also confidently carry these durable speakers with you on every trip to the forest, to the sea or to throbbing parties by the pool. swimming without worrying about the device being damaged by water or dirt.

4 tân binh loa nhà LG hứa hẹn gây sốt cho mọi tiệc vui mùa lễ hội - Ảnh 5.

Dust and water resistant to IP67, you can confidently take XBOOM Go anywhere

As a complete addition to the music space, the XG7 and XG5 also have a 16 million color light strip that can be adjusted via the XBOOM app. The year-end music party with XG7 and XG5 presented with both sound and brilliant light is also the place where everyone is sublimated through each tune.

While the exciting atmosphere of the last days of the year is spreading everywhere, many fun plans, meeting friends are waiting to be implemented, don’t forget to choose for yourself LG speaker models that suit your “personal taste”. to enjoy the festive season in a great way, friends!

XBOOM Go has been officially launched and sold to prepare for the upcoming party atmosphere, with a starting price of only VND 2,790,000 for the XG5 speaker and VND 3,790,000 for the XG7 speaker. Play the role of music “chairman” with the new XBOOM Go series at: https://www.lg.com/vn/loa-di-dong .

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