3S1 Warranty Policy and confidence return journey for Vietnamese computer users

Tram Ho

Chính sách Bảo hành 3S1 và hành trình trả lại niềm tin cho người dùng máy tính Việt - Ảnh 1.

It is true that in the minds of many people, the phrase “warranty” means having to “eat onions”. This is the result of the service center handling too slowly, holding the machine for weeks or even months to cause trouble and gradually lose customers’ confidence in after-sales service. So it is no exaggeration to assert that to conquer Vietnamese users, computer manufacturers need not only good products but also must have thoughtful warranty service. That’s also what Acer has been doing, making this brand increasingly popular with users.

More than 40 years in the computer business, Acer shows that they always listen to the user. Therefore, the Acer 3S1 Warranty policy is launched to solve the problem of after-sales service in Vietnam market. With 3S1 Warranty, Acer promises that all of its products will be delivered within 3 days, including Saturday and Sunday. In case of not completing warranty within 3 days, Acer will exchange new products of the same or similar type (1 for 1) for customers. This VIP warranty policy ensures that users only need to wait for 72 hours instead of having to wait a week or more to get a product warranty or change a new product. In particular, these 72 hours do not exclude days except Saturday and Sunday, while many companies still only count the day for warranty or new device replacement according to working days.

Chính sách Bảo hành 3S1 và hành trình trả lại niềm tin cho người dùng máy tính Việt - Ảnh 2.

3S1 Warranty Policy eliminates the nightmare of being soaked for months on the social network, which is inherently impossible for users of Acer components and computers. Attracting a lot of attention lately, Anh Tuan’s friend took the Predator Helios 300 laptop to the afternoon warranty center and received it in the afternoon of the same day. Or that is not long ago, the case of Huu Hieu with Predator X34 screen is warranted at home, technically determined unable to complete the warranty in 3 days should apply the 1-to-1 policy. Because Acer no longer has an equivalent screen, it has changed to a more advanced line than the Predador X34P. These positive stories have been shared by the online community, creating trust for Vietnamese users about Acer after-sales policies.

Chính sách Bảo hành 3S1 và hành trình trả lại niềm tin cho người dùng máy tính Việt - Ảnh 3.

3S1 warranty policy not only ensures the peace of mind for users of Acer products but also shows absolute confidence in the quality of its products. The cause of the case when the machine is soaked in warranty is often due to the high failure rate, which leads to overload of repair centers and shortage of components. Thanks to its low failure rate, Acer’s service center system is able to quickly handle rare cases of problematic products. And in difficult cases that require a repair time of more than 3 days, the company is willing to apply 1 for 1 to ensure the customer experience is not interrupted for too long.

Another advantage is that this warranty process is controlled and operated by Acer Vietnam without going through a third party, so the rate of handling warranty cases within 3 days is approximately 100%. . The process of preparing components for Acer warranty is very flexible and the quality of standard repair is one of the factors that help Acer confidently deploy 3S1 Warranty. Previously, Acer only implemented this VIP warranty service package for gaming products. However, after receiving positive feedback from users, Acer has expanded to high-class Swift Series laptops, and in the future will expand to many other products of the company.

Chính sách Bảo hành 3S1 và hành trình trả lại niềm tin cho người dùng máy tính Việt - Ảnh 4.

Feedback from the online community shows that Acer 3S1 Warranty policy is very successful, giving confidence to those who have been intending to use its machines. This policy returns the phrase “warranty” to its true value, resolving rare cases of defective products quickly and without “operating” customers.

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