3 things that cannot be ignored about LazMall – the leading online shopping mall today

Tram Ho

Launched in 2018, LazMall – Lazada’s genuine booth system – has proven its position as the largest online shopping mall in Southeast Asia with an impressive 9-fold growth with more than 18,000 merchants. brands, including department stores and department stores. In July 2020, the total number of brands on LazMall Vietnam also increased by more than 40% and the number of orders also increased by more than 90% over the same period last year.

Let’s explore the 1-0-2 shopping experience to understand why LazMall is the representative representative of the brand new era of genuine shopping.

3 điều không thể không biết về LazMall - trung tâm thương mại trực tuyến lớn hàng đầu hiện nay - Ảnh 1.

Over the past 3 years, LazMall has made efforts to bring many opportunities to buy genuine cheap goods for Vietnamese consumers.

From the beginning, Lazada has been built by Lazada to become a genuine stall system to bring prestigious products from leading domestic and foreign brands closer to consumers.

Mr. James Dong, General Director of Lazada Vietnam, said: “As the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, we always want to build a reliable, safe online shopping place to complete Improving the experience for consumers, brands and vendors, so that consumers can shop with peace of mind, making it easier for brands and sellers to connect directly with customers. ”

LazMall currently brings together thousands of top reputable brands, famous domestically and internationally in all fields, offering diversified choices for all customers of all ages. And in particular, LazMall also has a good compensation policy on the market, that is: If detecting counterfeit goods with poor quality, Lazada will pay twice as much.

Good price championship

3 điều không thể không biết về LazMall - trung tâm thương mại trực tuyến lớn hàng đầu hiện nay - Ảnh 2.

LazMall partners with leading brands to offer daily super sales and big shopping festivals throughout the year.

Genuine goods at the mall do not just want to be a sale. But hunting for sale also takes a lot of time to travel, watch me. But at LazMall, genuine sale is a daily thing. Going to LazMall always finds attractive offers at that time.

To do this seemingly natural to its customers, LazMall has joined hands with leading brands to introduce to customers exclusive super deals every day and a series of major shopping festivals during the year. .

Free shipping every day

3 điều không thể không biết về LazMall - trung tâm thương mại trực tuyến lớn hàng đầu hiện nay - Ảnh 3.

Free shipping is an endeavor Lazada makes for a great shopping experience for customers

In addition to the good compensation policy in the market, the special attractive discounts, Lazada also maintains the free delivery program on LazMall as a way to enhance the shopping experience for consumers.

According to Mr. James Dong: “We expect the free shipping policy to not only re-energize purchasing demand but also assist businesses in maintaining business results as well as preparing to speed up. With all investment efforts. With our free shipping policy, we hope customers will always feel satisfied and have a great shopping experience with Lazada “.

Especially, only LazMall has a special delivery policy: Receive goods after 24 hours; Applying modern logistics technology, automatic classification of goods by robot; Contactless delivery, automatic receipt via iLogic SmartBox and more than 300 collection points (Collection point).


Shopping festival “Super Sale genuine 9.9” by Lazada takes place throughout 3 days from

09-11 September 2020 with a series of special attractive incentives:

• Super preferential genuine goods up to 50% ++

• Free delivery nationwide from Lazada and partners

• Millions of vouchers and promotion deals with unprecedented deep discounts in the hours 0am, 9am, 12pm, 16pm, 20pm. In particular, at 12 o’clock every day from September 4 to September 11, Lazada continuously launches vouchers worth 9 million dong, applicable to all orders on the floor.

• Experience shopping entertainment at LazLive channel with online concert program 9.9 Super Show will take place at 19:00, September 8 on Lazada app and Guess It gameshow Guess It with the lead of Gil Le, An Phuong and Nicky (Monstar) and the rain of shopping vouchers are worth up to 1 billion VND.

Access now here To start your September shopping journey full of special offers with Lazada!

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