3 reasons to buy an old iPhone in the present time?

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The COVID-19 pandemic broke out, reducing the purchasing power of second-hand iPhones in particular and smart technology devices in general in the country. After the spacing, when the retail stores are running again, they are forced to exhaust inventory to minimize losses.

3 lý do nên mua iPhone cũ trong thời điểm hiện nay? - Ảnh 1.

The retail stores aggressively pushed inventory after the gap, causing the price of old iPhones to plummet

Old iPhones dropped because businesses were selling at a loss

Ms. Thuy Van (Head of Digital Marketing Department at 24hStore) shared: Inventory from the stores before the mobile phone sales decreased because of the sudden decrease in demand for mobile phones. We are currently practicing in the middle of immediate delivery after the social gap because the old iPhone will continuously drop over time. “

Old iPhone models at 24hStore are being reduced from VND 300,000 to VND 1,500,000 compared to February 2020, before the outbreak in the city. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Specifically:

– iPhone 6S reduced 300,000 VND (32GB version reduced from 2,890,000 VND to 2,590,000 VND)

– iPhone X drops VND 400,000 (the 64GB version drops from VND 9,390,000 to VND 8,990,000)

– iPhone XS Max reduced by 700,000 VND (64GB version reduced from 13,690,000 VND to 12,990,000 VND)

– iPhone 7 Plus reduced 800,000 VND (32GB version reduced from 5,990,000 VND to 5,190,000 VND)

– iPhone 11 Pro Max reduced by 1,500,000 VND (64GB version reduced from 22,990,000 VND to 21,499,000 VND)

After the social gap, the simultaneous discount of the old iPhone attracted a certain number of buyers, thereby increasing demand. However, when the demand and supply situation is gradually returning to the equilibrium, the price of the old iPhone will gradually increase again. Therefore, many people think that this time is the best time to buy old iPhones, before the price increases in the following months.

3 lý do nên mua iPhone cũ trong thời điểm hiện nay? - Ảnh 2.

Many people come to buy old iPhones on the occasion of rare discounts at 24hStore

The next iPhone line is about to be released at a time when the previous iPhone version has been continuously falling

iPhone 12 is expected to hit the market by the end of this year. The fact that many people focused on new products at the time of launch made the old iPhone models reduced purchasing power at the same time. Lowering prices to push out old goods before the latest iPhone model is launched is common in mobile retailers

Specifically, in 2019 just before the launch of the iPhone 11 trio, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS prices plummeted more than VND 1,300,000 in just one month.

3 lý do nên mua iPhone cũ trong thời điểm hiện nay? - Ảnh 3.

The upcoming iPhone 12 is a good time to buy good old iPhone 11 Pro Max

The low season causes all technology products to be discounted

June-July is always the low season of the phone market. Not just the old iPhone, any mobile product is also subject to the same situation. At 24hStore, the price of smart devices is decreasing from VND 190,000 to VND 1,100,000 compared to February 2020, specifically:

– Airpods 2 reduced by VND 190,000 (from VND 3,239,000 to VND 3,049,000)

– Airpods Pro reduced by VND 1,100,000 (from VND 6,049,000 to VND 4,949,000)

– Apple watch Series 5 40mm reduced VND 800,000 (from VND 9,599,000 to VND 8,799,000)

– iPad Mini 5 decreased by VND 300,000 (from VND 9,790,000 to VND 9,490,000)

Social gap is a wise policy of the state to be able to control the disease as it is now. However, it has become difficult for the phone business in particular and the country’s economy in general.

3 lý do nên mua iPhone cũ trong thời điểm hiện nay? - Ảnh 4.

Not only the old iPhone, this is also a good time to buy other technology equipment

Mr. Huynh Phu Hai, CEO of 24hStore store system said: “24hStore is offering a series of good price programs, and discounting the warranty package to be able to overcome the difficult situation after the gap, continue. building up brand reputation in an increasingly competitive market “.

Some programs are being interested in such as 32GB iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Buds only 625,000 VND, genuine accessories at the price of 39,000 VND, … took place on 30/05/2020 at 625A Au Co branch, Hoa Thanh and Tan Phu; iPhone X 64 GB is only VND 4,810,000, genuine accessories at the same price of VND 48,000, … took place on June 7, 2020 at 481A branch Nguyen Thi Thap, Tan Phong, District 7, …

3 lý do nên mua iPhone cũ trong thời điểm hiện nay? - Ảnh 5.

24hStore strives to set policies and offer the best prices to discharge post-epidemic inventories

If you are looking to buy a good old iPhone , this time is the most suitable time of the year.


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