3 most important changes in the newly released version of Google Chrome 81

Tram Ho

The latest version of Google Chrome has been released and can be downloaded on all supported platforms. This is not only a security fix but also a major update with changes to improve user experience.

First, this new version of Chrome no longer supports the FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Google has officially removed the FTP protocol from Chrome, which means you can no longer use the browser to connect to the FTP server to download and upload files.

3 thay đổi quan trọng nhất trong phiên bản Google Chrome 81 mới phát hành - Ảnh 1.

FTP method is no longer supported.

This will certainly be bad news for people who use Chrome to use the FTP protocol, currently accounting for only a small portion of the users. Therefore, this change will only affect a small group of users, forcing them to switch to dedicated FTP browsers.

This new version of Google Chrome also comes with the Web NPC API on mobile devices, meaning that with Chrome web-based applications can now use NFC communication. This is a really useful change since Chrome now supports NFC for web applications similar to standalone applications.

The last major change to this update is the ability to help manage tabs in groups. Now you can group tabs by color or put custom name labels right on the tab management bar of computer browsers.

In addition to these three major improvements, the new Chrome 81 also tweaks and fixes bugs that further improve the experience on computers and mobile devices.

In the wake of the outbreak, Google will skip Chrome’s next major upgrade of 82 and go straight to version 83, which is expected to launch in mid-May. Meanwhile, the Canary, Dev and Beta will continue to be updated normally.

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