20-year-old hacker shared how to attack a series of famous Twitter accounts

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The conspiracy to hack into the Twitter accounts of political, cultural or corporate figures last week began with a teasing text message between two hackers on Tuesday night on the online messaging platform Discord.

Users with the “Kirk” account name share that they have the ability to rob users of popular Twitter accounts with their friends – which can only be done when they have access to the computer system of this group.

The hacker received the message, the user of the “lol” account name, asserting that within the next 24 hours Kirk was willing to harm the corporation because Kirk was not working for Twitter. With the sensitive tools that Kirk has, this person actually has access to almost any Twitter account, including former US President Barack Obama, Joseph R. Federal Jr., Elon Musk and many others. other famous.

Hacker 20 tuổi chia sẻ cách tấn công hàng loạt tài khoản Twitter nổi tiếng - Ảnh 1.

Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. Photo: The New York Times

The incident has attracted worldwide attention, and has shaken confidence in Twitter as well as the security of many other corporations, basic information about who attacked and how to do it. How is that still a mystery. All investigations are still at an early stage.

However, the four participants in the plan talked to The Times and shared many notes and screenshots of their conversations, showing their involvement both before and after the attack.

The interview showed that this was not the action of a country like Russia or a complex group of hackers. Instead, the attack was carried out by a group of young people – a shared person still living with their mother – who knew each other because of their interest in using unusual nicknames online.

The Times confirmed the four people were involved in the attack by comparing their social media accounts and Bitcoin accounts with the accounts used in the attack on Wednesday. The main player in the attack was Kirk, who collected money in and out of Bitcoin wallets during the fraud.

Kirk’s true identity, the engine of the attack or whether anyone else gained access to the system remains unknown, even to those who joined Kirk. It’s still unclear how often Kirk has accessed accounts like Elon Musk or Biden to exploit more sensitive information, such as private messages on Twitter.

Hackers “lol” and another person working with them, using the “ever so anxious” account name, told The Times they wanted to share their work with Kirk to prove they only facilitated and penetrated the accounts. the less popular account, then stop working with Kirk when he began to hack into famous accounts from 3:30 pm Wednesday.

“I want to share my story because I think my involvement and ever so anxious will be further clarified,” “lol” said in a message via Discord, where he shared all his notes and screenshot of conversations with Kirk, and demonstrate ownership of the virtual currency account used to trade with Kirk.

“Lol” does not reveal his true identity, only shared that he lives on the West Coast of the United States and is about 20 years old, while “ever so anxious” is 19 years old and is living in the North of England with his mother.

Investigators of the incident said the information shared by the hackers coincided with what was investigated, including Kirk’s involvement in major and minor hacks that occurred on Wednesday.

The user, Kirk, didn’t have a good reputation in the hacker community before the hack happened. This person’s Discord account was only created on 7/7.

“Lol” and “ever so anxiuos” were previously famous on OGusers.com, where hackers meet and exchange valuable social networking usernames, security experts said. Short usernames or just one character preferred by gamers, Twitter users and hackers. Hacking these accounts will be for sale with high demand.

Kirk connected to “lol” on Tuesday night and with “ever so anxious” on Wednesday morning, asking if they wanted to be a transit company selling popular Twitter accounts, or accounts that were hunted in the underworld online. . These two people will receive a sum of money for each successful transaction.

All the transactions of “lol” and “ever so anxious” happen before the whole world knows what is going on, and “ever so anxious” goes to bed before the big attack.

Kirk quickly escalated his efforts, turning to posting messages from famous accounts like Kanye West or tech billionaire Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon: Send Bitcoin and your money will be sent. back, double.

Shortly thereafter, at 6:00 pm, Twitter caught up with the attack, and the message was blocked. But the corporation still had to block access to most users, and a few days later it was still trying to figure out what had happened.

Twitter share had 130 accounts selected as the target, of which 45 accounts were accessed and posted tweets. Attackers also promptly downloaded data from eight of them.

“We are acutely aware of our responsibility to the people who use our services and to society in general,” wrote the blog of Twitter. “We feel ashamed, disappointed and above all, we want to apologize.”

When “ever so anxious” woke up at 2:30 am in the UK, realized what had happened, and sent a text message expressing disappointment for “lol”.

“I am not sad, but more upset. He only made 20 btc, ”the hacker said, referring to the money Kirk had earned, equivalent to $ 180,000. Kirk then cut off the contact with the middleman and disappeared.

According to the New York Times

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