17-year-old student hacks Apple to “apply for a job”

Tram Ho

An Australian student attacked Apple's server, creating attention and hope to be accepted by the company.

During the trial on May 27, 17-year-old Adelaide pleaded guilty to cyberattack. Along with another young hacker, this teenager has twice broken into Apple 's server in 2015 and 2017.

According to ABC News , Adelaide uses its knowledge to create a fake digital profile, which makes Apple servers mistakenly identify employees as the company, allowing hackers to download lots of documents and internal data.

17-year-old students hacked Apple to ask for permission to upload pictures 1

Teen hackers think there will be a chance for them to become an Apple employee if the attack is successful. Photo: Reuters.

This action was discovered and reported to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The US collaborated with the Australian police to find an intruder.

Mark Twiggs told the court that his client was not aware of the seriousness of the criminal act. At that time Adelaide said that Apple would accept himself to work if it could hack successfully.

"He is not aware of that action that can lead to any consequences, except to get a job," the lawyer stressed. Adelaide heard that Apple hired a European to work after this guy hacked the company.

Fortunately, the action of teen hackers does not cause serious consequences. The court only punished Adelaide 346 USD and was put on probation for 9 months. The case file shows that the "harmed" side does not suffer any loss either.

In an interview with ABC News , an Apple spokesman insisted that no personal data was leaked, the company prevented the intrusion before telling the police.

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Source : ZingNews