16-inch MacBook Pro M1X version will only have up to 32GB RAM

Tram Ho

One of the limitations on the MacBook M1 line released late last year is that the maximum amount of RAM that the Apple M1 chip supports is only 16GB. This makes many users feel frustrated when they are used to using 32GB or higher RAM on Intel models and it is difficult to switch to ARM models.

Many users expect Apple to fix the RAM limitation problem on the next generation of MacBook M1X (or M2), but new information suggests that Apple will not completely fix this problem.

MacBook Pro 16 inch bản M1X sẽ chỉ có RAM tối đa 32GB - Ảnh 1.

Accordingly, the maximum amount of RAM that the 16-inch MacBook Pro line supports will also be only 32GB of RAM, continuing to be a limit on the next-generation Apple Silicon CPU. Meanwhile, 16GB capacity will be the default RAM capacity of the standard version.

In theory, models running Apple Silicon chips are equipped with unified memory instead of RAM. This is memory shared between CPU, GPU, and other system resources. Unlike previous Intel models, the CPU, GPU and memory on the Apple Silicon series are fused together into a single body and attached to the circuit board. The advantage of this design allows for improved performance as well as faster transfer of shared data. This is also the reason that many MacBook M1 or Mac mini M1 users can comfortably use only 8GB of [RAM] memory.

The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook lines are expected to launch sometime later this year.

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Source : Genk