15 stunning CSS demos for Pagination

Tram Ho

Hello friends!

Pagination is no longer something new to you. Any website has a pagination presence. However, considering the fact I see the style of pagination is quite simple to use: round or square or no background, always border. Have you ever thought about changing style for pagination more vivid and beautiful? So, I will introduce to some pretty styles about pagination for your reference!

Usually when writing code to create pagination, we often use the ul li structure type

In fact, in the demos that I introduced today, there is not much difference. However, there are some demos that will use svg. And use it, let’s go see each demo offline.

1. Yeti Hand Pagination

With the effect of using hands to be quite new and interesting.


3. Trailing pagination dots



4. Responsive Magic Line Pagination



5. Pagination animation experiment



6. Force Framework pagination style modified CSS



7. Breadcrumb form pagination



8. Pagination or Navigation Links Application



9. Line Pagination with Hover (PureCSS)



10. Infinite Pagination



11. Flexing pagination arrows



12. Line Pagination Navbar



13. Pure CSS3 Responsive Pagination



14. Pagination Buttons



15. Good pagination Codrops



So, through this article, you have been able to choose for yourself some pagination templates that are both beautiful and special, right?

Good luck!

Reference link https://bashooka.com/coding/codepen-demos-for-css-pagination/

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