100% FUNiX graduates were accepted to work at FPT Software

Tram Ho

With the desire to create job opportunities suitable for their expertise right after completing the study program, the leading Software Company in Vietnam – FPT Software and FUNiX Online Education Organization have cooperated to train and recruit. using information technology personnel in the long term.

Accordingly, 100% of graduates of the FUNiX program will be admitted to work at FPT Software in positions suitable to their major. Specifically, students who complete the FUNiX Software Engineer certificate will be recruited to work at FPT Software according to official staff standards, with the same salary as graduates of the University of IT in Vietnam. . FUNiX Junior Developer will be recruited into an apprentice position at FPT Software and have the opportunity to become a full-time employee when meeting professional standards.

 100% học viên tốt nghiệp FUNiX được nhận vào làm việc tại FPT Software - Ảnh 1.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam- Founder FUNiX and Mr. Nguyen Khai Hoan – Deputy General Director of FPT Software (right) signed the cooperation agreement

Mr. Nguyen Khai Hoan – Deputy General Director of FPT Software shared, “FPT Software highly appreciated the quality of training programmers following FUNiX’s model, especially in the knowledge group, building self-learning ability, quickly adapting. With new technology and requirements, the self-study skills that FUNiX builds for students is very suitable for the changing environment, always having to change themselves to meet the IT industry in general, and FPT Software in particular. Students following FUNiX’s training model will be the foundation factors to meet the quality of human resources at FPT Software “.

 100% học viên tốt nghiệp FUNiX được nhận vào làm việc tại FPT Software - Ảnh 2.

Representatives of the two sides signed a cooperation agreement.

FUNiX is the leading online programming training platform in Vietnam. FUNiX’s training programs focus on the software field, from elementary programmer level to university equivalent in IT. Students learn 100% online according to FUNiX Way, with materials that include MOOC resources taught by prestigious universities / experts around the world combined with intensive practice projects (projects). Successful learning is supported by one-on-one professional support from a team working in the Software Industry (called mentors) and driven to the finish line by a personal learning support officer (called Hannah). Upon completion of the FUNiX program, students are qualified for the foundation of practical skills to get to work immediately, and especially have the habit and ability to self-study to meet the new requirements of the business. software industry in the process of growth.

FPT Software is a global IT and technology service provider headquartered in Vietnam, with 16,000 employees in 25 countries globally. On the journey to the top 50 IT companies in Asia, together with the focus on research and development of new technologies, FPT Software focuses on recruiting a group of experts and excellent human resources to participate in implementing large projects. leading technology together with the giants in the technology industry. In 2021, to meet personnel requirements for projects, the company needs to recruit thousands of experts and engineers of different technology fields.

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