10 useful Android libraries for developers (Part 2)

Ngoc Huynh

6. Retrofit

Retrofit library provides a powerful framework for security purpose like authentication & interaction with APIs. This library is used for downloading JSON or XML data from the web. When the data is downloaded, it is parsed into POJO (Plain Old Java Object), which will be defined for us for each resource in the response. You can use Retrofit in dependencies like “compile ‘com.squareup.retrofit2:retrofit:2.1.0’ “.

The same can be download from the following link: https://github.com/square/retrofit

7. Jitpack.io

JitPack can build any GitHub Project and publish Maven repository into it. It will help you to save time and makes building dependencies easier. This is one of the best ways to publish GitHub project as Maven Dependencies.

This library is developed by the team at Stremetry Ltd.

Link for the same is: http://jitpack.io/

8. ActiveAndroid

ActiveAndroid is an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) for Android app development. It is an abstraction for SQLite database on a device without the usage of SQL Statements for connecting database in Android apps.

To save the data into a database using this library: user.save();

Example for retrieving all users: SELECT Name,Address,City From Users;

Link to download the same: https://github.com/pardom/ActiveAndroid/downloads

9. ActionBarSherlock

This library is designed for using the action bar design pattern across different versions of Android OS with a single API. We can use ActionBarSherlock to provide a single API using getSupportActionBar().

Link to download the same: https://github.com/JakeWharton/ActionBarSherlock

10. ViewPagerIndicator

ViewPageIndicator is compatible with the ViewPager from the Android Support Library and AndroidBarSherlock to improve discoverability of content. When we are using ViewPager widget, it is not always clear to the user whether there are adjacent views that they can navigate to. After implementing this library, you can provide an indicator that there exists additional content which user can click or swipe on it.

Link to download the same: https://github.com/JakeWharton/ViewPagerIndicator

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