10 simple ways to help QA improve quality of work

Tram Ho

Becoming a software tester is no easy task. Everyone strives to continually improve their skills to achieve success in this profession. Surely everyone wants to become good testers

Whether you’re testing mobile apps or testing web apps, the following tips are sure to help.

1. Always looking for quality

Identifying finding critical flaws is a must. It is possible to test 1 monitor many times but make sure you have enough concentration to check every little detail.

2. Priority

This is similar to finding errors. Evaluate which functionality is critically important and examine these critical areas of the application before going into every detail. This will help you first identify the most valuable bugs, thereby allowing the development team to get rid of them as soon as possible.

3. Develop your written communication skills

Good written communication skills are part of the software tester’s job description. Why? Because when software testers have to write a good bug report, highlighting important system issues, this helps stakeholders assess the impact and importance of problems. subject. This is an essential part of the QA and should be detailed but also simple to understand.

4. Thirst for Knowledge

Learning from your own mistakes and from others can go a long way. Every time you make a mistake, ask yourself; how can i do better in next test cycle? How can I better communicate with the development team? Searching for answers will lead you to better success, improving your work for better. Also be ready to ask questions of your fellow testers.

5. Professionalism

There are many perspectives on a problem that can help you become a software testing expert. Based on work experience, you should give your opinion on the problems you encounter, contribute to building the right application for users.

6. Be renewed with your thoughts

Don’t just test the software according to what the customer asked for and think your job is done. Developers welcome your own opinion on the software, as long as you don’t deviate from the core concept. That helps them have more perspectives to build a closer, more suitable application for users

7. Ask yourself questions

Does this function work as planned? Does it support all devices? Does it work in every possible use case, all the time? Continue to ask these questions at all levels during testing. This helps you find the most errors and get maximum results from the software.

8. Think like a user

Having a user mindset helps you to visualize their expectations and experiences with the software. This will help evaluate the software from the user’s perspective, feel their behavior, understand their needs. It will also help you identify the most valuable errors.

9. Improved error reporting

To make sure the developer gets the pertinent information they need to understand the error and fix the bug, try attaching a screenshot and providing detailed error report. Where, when, how many times, on which device, which operating system and under what circumstances will clear up the error. A bug would be useless to the development team without the right details.

10. Let passion motivate you

Passion is the key to success in any industry. Stay one step ahead of your competitors and stay informed, seek new training opportunities, engage with your fellow testers, attend conferences and test classes. Try QA up close with everything.

Source of resource: https://www.testbytes.net/blog/10-simple-ways-you-can-improve-as-a-tester/

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