10 Signs that career programming and software development are right for you

In recent tests to assess the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds from all over the world, the UK ranked 26th in math and 20 in science, down from the overall position. 28 and 16 respectively in 2009.

However, for a view of the potential of young people in the computer programming career, such tests do not say much. Employers look for characteristics and skills other than academic background, when assessing the suitability of candidates, such as creativity, teamwork and entrepreneurship are the capabilities and experience important.

So, to help give the skills needed for computer programming at a different perspective, here are 10 signs that programming is a profession that might be right for you; These signs are not always identified in academic tests.

1. You are an expert in problem solving

Many people simply endure their problems without seeking a positive way to solve them, especially if it is easier to endure. If you do not follow this approach, but really enjoy the challenges of solving many different types of problems, then it is a great sign that you can fit into the software development profession. . And in solving that problem, you also include practical constraints – like deadlines and budgets – which can be a real asset to your career later.

2. You have a passion for strategy games

Well, the truth is that games can be useful for you, especially if you like strategy games. They help hone your ability to make decisions based on a number of relevant factors, taking into account both short-term and long-term consequences. Just like computer games, people who enjoy offline games like chess, can also have a potential aptitude for programming.

3. You have a musical soul

While the evidence of the relationship between music and mathematics is still controversial, it seems a common fact that people with musical talents also have the ability to math. In our group, there are many programmers who can compose music, sing, or play an instrument.

4. You have talent in winning debates

No, we are not talking about quarrels. But if you often argue logically about your point in a structured way that you often win against other competitors, this can be a sign that you have thoughtful thoughts. System required for software development.

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5. You like to do everything

You can get the same feeling of satisfaction from doing something in the virtual world and in the real world. In fact, in the digital world, you are not limited by reality like materials and space, so imagination is your only limit. Having a natural curiosity about how things work, and how they work better, is a good sign of a future software developer.

6. You are a sociable person

Contrary to the prejudice that commercial programmers work closed, but a programmer may have related jobs and need interaction with others in the business. This means that the ability to communicate and explain things in a way that is understandable is really important.

7. You want to know more about computer science theory

You may not be able to grasp the entire history of computer science, but the interest in the theory behind software technology is an important aspect of a coder's skill set. You don't want to spend your time reinventing the wheel, and you care about what others have discovered, and prepare to build on that basis, in order to get results quickly.

8. You have a team spirit

Programming itself is a process that requires a lot of cooperation; constantly reviewing, optimizing code and others also help you discover errors, making your work to meet the needs of users is one of the best ways to learn. Therefore developers need to like to work together and be prepared to learn, criticize and improve others' products.

9. You have an instinctive motivation

According to some psychological analysis, there seems to be a fact that the best developers often have a motivation from within. This means they get motivation and satisfaction from the process of finding solutions to a problem, or creating a creation of their own. In other words, developers often do what they love, instead of just doing it for money.

10. You love technology

This is quite obvious, but it is worth repeating if you want to work in the software industry, you need to have an appreciation for the amazing capabilities that technology brings to the world. You care and seek to exploit the potential of technology, for any company you want to work with, and it is a sure sign that you are on the right track and will succeed in programming.

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