10 reasons to love a programmer

Try to imagine the time when you study Computer Science, some of your best friends because of the numbers 0, 1 in Pascal or the complicated commands in Excel, and you just go to school because you have a super tutor. , Then there's nothing.
Computer damage? You do not need to run back and forth to find a way to "revive" it, just one time, an IT boyfriend is present to solve the problem for you immediately.

"Dumping" An IT guy is not as hard as you imagine. Because they study and work in an environment where the number of girls only counts on their fingertips, they often have a gentle, accessible, easy-to-learn nature. Many guys are extremely faithful!
With the nature of their work, it is common to sit in one place to fix a code or software. Therefore, IT guys are not afraid to wait for you for an hour to prepare to go out with him!
Being patient too, when you are angry with each other, you will begged, "seduce" your girlfriend in any way. Unlike many "hard youth", IT boys often find ways to solve problems rather than get angry. Emotional stories as well as business stories, the hotter the more confused.
Everyone thinks that IT guys are often so once they have a girlfriend, they will go everywhere to show off and be very "loving" their girlfriend. Because every day we had to "plug" the face into the computer, so the boys did not have time to "listen".
Being a programmer means knowing most of the little tricks in video games, then passing on the "secret" to have a chance to nose with your sister association.
The software that he wrote for both of them will make the eyes look round when witnessed.
Love an IT guy means you have the opportunity to be a "future billionaire" girlfriend! The most obvious demonstration is that Microsoft software brought Bill Gates a huge asset. Love an IT guy is like a superhero, do you want to try it?
Photo: Phuong Nhung
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