10 interesting JavaScript and CSS libraries (Part 1)

Ngoc Huynh


Propeller is a CSS components framework based on Bootstrap and Google’s Material Design language. It includes 25 components made with responsiveness in mind and featuring the typical Material Design animations. The project can be downloaded as a theme for Bootstrap, a full framework, or as stand alone components.


BaguetteBox is a pure JavaScript library for creating responsive lightbox galleries. It is very lightweight, mobile-ready, easy to use and customize, and utilizes CSS3 transitions for buttery-smooth image transitions.

We recently used this library in the making of our freebie pack of 4 Bootstrap Gallery Templates, and we can say we enjoyed working with BaguetteBox a lot.


Framework for developing 3D web apps and games using the Three.js engine. It provides straightforward wrappers for many common Three.js tasks, making it easier to set up an environment, create objects, add physics, and more. There is an official boilerplate project to get you started, as well as a tool for integration with React.


Animatelo is a port of the extremely popular Animate.css library that replaces the CSS transitions with Web Animations API clones. All of the original Animate.css effects are recreated, but the API is now based on JavaScript methods instead of CSS classes. The library is lightweight and jQuery independent, but may require a polyfill on older browsers.


FuseBox is a bundle loader for JavaScript and CSS with optional add-ons for TypeScript, Sass, and more. It is created with simplicity and performance in mind, providing a viable alternative to webpack. To get you started there are quick boilerplate projects for Angular 2 + TypeScript, React + Babel, Vue.js, Electron, and others.

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