10 features on Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10+ will cause iPhone users to be frustrated because they wait forever

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Although Galaxy Note 10 is not appreciated by the tech industry for its breakthrough, it is still an excellent machine in the smartphone market today. This is Samsung's second-most awaited machine of the year and direct competition for sales with the 2019 iPhone generation scheduled to be released in September.

10 tính năng trên Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ sẽ khiến người dùng iPhone phát hờn vì chờ mãi vẫn chưa có - Ảnh 1.

So far, iPhone and Galaxy have always been two competing models of features and designs. Each product has its own strength to compete against competitors and the Galaxy Note 10 years ago also has features that the iPhone will definitely be less than because there is no.

Full screen design

When Apple first launched the iPhone X, Apple said it had a full-screen screen, but in fact it was just a lie. Including the later iPhone XS version, the ratio of the screen to the actual body never surpassed 90%. On the other hand, the new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ inherit a true full-screen screen with a screen aspect ratio compared to the large body.

Perforated camera

Galaxy Note 10 continues to follow the trend of perforated screen appeared on Galaxy S10. However, the camera hole on the Galaxy Note 10 is placed in the middle. This is a difference from the majority of smartphones in the market.

10 tính năng trên Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ sẽ khiến người dùng iPhone phát hờn vì chờ mãi vẫn chưa có - Ảnh 2.

The integration of a perforated camera partly helped Samsung avoid "unpleasant rabbit ears" or "teardrop screens", thereby increasing the rate of viewing higher content and cutting off unnecessary features such as machines. Infrared scanning and face detection sensor like iPhone X, iPhone XS.

Interestingly, there are many people who like this design of Samsung so this can be considered a big hit point for Galaxy Note 10.

Fingerprint Sensor

Many people may love the Face ID sensor on their iPhone. It can be very fast and safe compared to fingerprint sensor. But in fact, many users are still familiar with the fingerprint sensor and feel uncomfortable every time they have to put the device on their faces to unlock it.

10 tính năng trên Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ sẽ khiến người dùng iPhone phát hờn vì chờ mãi vẫn chưa có - Ảnh 3.

That's why fingerprint sensors still have a living ground, even growing up to higher forms, such as fingerprint sensors under the screen. Specifically Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10+ both support ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the screen.

This feature is quite convenient for users, because you just need to pick up the phone and put your hand on the screen that can be unlocked. This design also helps the phone not be too thick, and does not need to be integrated on the Home button or placed on the back, making it difficult to manipulate.

Stylus S Pen stylus

The S Pen is clearly a characteristic of the Galaxy Note series since its debut. The Galaxy Note 10 stylus plays a very important role because it helps users to take photos and control the phone remotely without touching the screen. With this pen, users can also zoom, change camera easily.

10 tính năng trên Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ sẽ khiến người dùng iPhone phát hờn vì chờ mãi vẫn chưa có - Ảnh 4.

Of course, with the iPhone, including the largest screen version like the iPhone XS Max, there's no stylus.

5G network

While 5G support may not be needed at this time, it is clearly a big money-selling feature of the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G version. In some markets that are starting to test 5G networks like China, Korea or the US, this will be a very worthwhile product.

2019 can be considered as a pivotal year of deploying 5G network before this network standard has been popular since 2020. Therefore, Galaxy Note 10 users can wait for more impressive improvements of 5G network from now until next year.

As for the iPhone, users will probably have to wait for next year's iPhone version to have a chance to experience the 5G network soon.

Cluster of 3 cameras and 4 cameras

Apple used to be one of the leading companies in camera quality but in the past few years, Android smartphone companies like Samsung and Huawei have constantly improved the camera and brought an impressive quality of photos. Even on DxOMark's ranking, many times Samsung and Huawei smartphones surpass Apple's iPhone.

10 tính năng trên Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ sẽ khiến người dùng iPhone phát hờn vì chờ mãi vẫn chưa có - Ảnh 5.

Galaxy Note 10 will certainly be the same when it owns 3 rear cameras while Note 10+ also has 4 rear cameras. Galaxy Note 10 equipped with 16MP super wide-angle main camera, 12MP wide-angle camera, 12MP telephoto camera. The Galaxy Note 10+ will have the support of depth-measuring cameras called DepthVision.

Of course having such an impressive photographic hardware helps Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10+ can take pictures in all situations and improve image quality compared to those with only one camera or dual camer.

Take applications like iPhone, the device has undergone two generations iPhone X and XS equipped with dual cameras. However expected 2019 iPhone will have up to 3 cameras, but the layout of the camera can cause many people to be disappointed because of the aesthetic is not high.

Support connecting to Windows

Continuity is one of the great features of the iPhone because it makes it possible to perform unfinished operations on a Mac. The iPhone also has a Handoff feature that lets you continue where you left off on a Mac, such as Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, etc. But there is one problem: not everyone uses a Mac. and statistically, more than 90% of users currently use Windows.

10 tính năng trên Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ sẽ khiến người dùng iPhone phát hờn vì chờ mãi vẫn chưa có - Ảnh 6.

Windows is the most commonly used desktop platform and Galaxy Note and Note 10+ are very supportive of the operating system. Samsung equips the Galaxy Note duo with a new feature called "Link to Windows". Although its features are not as much as Apple's Continuity, it also allows you to send, receive messages and view all photos on the Note 10 without having to pick up the phone.

Support microSD memory card

Samsung finally dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10+ but thankfully the Galaxy Note 10+ version will still support the microSD expansion card slot. In addition to having 256GB and 512GB internal memory options, users can expand up to 1TB more on the Note 10+.

10 tính năng trên Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ sẽ khiến người dùng iPhone phát hờn vì chờ mãi vẫn chưa có - Ảnh 7.

However, it is quite strange that Samsung only supports memory card slot in Note10 + and Note 10 does not. The simple reason may be that Samsung could not find any space to attach a memory card slot.

Super fast charger

Apple's latest iPhones only support 5W charging capacity with the same charger. If you want to charge 18W fast, you'll have to pay an extra 50 USD including USB-C charger and cable to Lightning. Of course, this capacity is still quite slow compared to the current market level.

Meanwhile, Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ all support super fast charging. Specifically Galaxy Note 10 supports 25W fast charging and Note 10+ is 45W. This charging speed is even nearly 3 times faster than the iPhone's maximum charging speed.

Wireless charging Wireless PowerShare

Galaxy Note 10 is equipped with a 3,500mAh battery and the Galaxy Note 10+ is 4,300mAh. These are quite impressive battery capacity levels. Also thanks to the large capacity, this machine can act as a backup battery. Accordingly, both Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ support wireless reverse charging feature.

10 tính năng trên Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ sẽ khiến người dùng iPhone phát hờn vì chờ mãi vẫn chưa có - Ảnh 8.

That means, you can put the charger box of Galaxy Buds or any Qi charger device on the back of two machines to conduct wireless charging. Of course, since the iPhone 8 onwards, the iPhone has supported wireless charging while wireless charging is not yet.

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