10 CSS Code Generators for web programming

Web developers are always looking for shortcuts to save time. With the advent of browser-based IDEs , it seems that web programming is increasingly expanding from the desktop platform. You can code from any computer, and even test it online in your browser.

Free online code generators will help you iterate and build code quickly . Once you know which code you need to generate, just find the right tool and you're done. Here are 10 tools I like when generating CSS , and it's free.

1. WAIT! Animate

Creating custom repeating pause between CSS animations has never been an easy task. But with WAIT! Animate you can create the correct code to operate this hack is simple.

Everyone knows about CSS transitions and animation-delay properties. However, this property only delay the animation once only at the beginning.

With WAIT! Animate you can repeat anmation permanently with custom pause between each iteration. This is indeed a unique CSS generator, with an animated effect build solution that doesn't need to be code from 0.

2. CSS3 Generator

CSS3 Generator is a traditional example of code snippets you might need anytime, anywhere. CSS3 Generator web app is a collection of more than 10 different code generators: CSS columns , shadow boxes , and even flexbox fairly new properties .

Unfortunately, this web app is dynamic and runs on a single page, so there is no permalinks for each individual generator. But it is extremely easy to use and compatible with popular browsers.

On the homepage, you just need to select the generator you want to use, tweak some variables, and copy the code.

3. ColorZilla Gradients

Custom CSS gradients are always "thorns in the eyes" programmers. There are still many methods to build your own gradient mixins in Sass, which works quite well. But if you don't use Sass, or need a simpler visual editor, I recommend ColorZilla's Gradient Editor .

The tool is completely free and includes visual editor like Photoshop to create gradient codes. You can move sliders around a gradient box to change color positions and gerenate CSS code. You can also add or remove colors in the gradient and change the direction too.

4. CSS Type Set

Have you ever wanted some typographic styles demo to look at them? CSS Type Set is exactly where you should go. You can enter text, and update settings for font family, font size, coler, letter spacing, and similar settings.

Everything is displayed in real time , from which you can see what the text really looks like on a web page. The only omission is the limited font selection . It would be nice if you could test Google Web Fonts again.

5. Enjoy CSS

Enjoying CSS web app is a combination of code generator and visual editor. You can create page elements like buttons and input boxes, and apply custom CSS3 properties to it. It's easy to build anything you can imagine with all the popular CSS properties, including transitions and transforms.

You can even test Adobe fonts with different text effects to see how they look in the browser. But the best feature is still Enjoy CSS gallery with many free snippets and pre-defined templates for buttons, inputs, and similar items.

6. Flexy Boxes

If you're just managing to "understand" the flex box, try Flexy Boxes . The "blur" tool differs between each flexbox version , and how the rendering engines make syntax clear.

Flexbox is still quite new so there are not many websites taking advantage of these features.

7. CSSmatic

CSSmatic is a multi-generator website that has 4 distinct sections : shadows, border radii, noise textures and CSS gradients. This page has fewer options than CSS3 Generator web app, but all have separate URLs for each tool like gradient generator .

CSSmatic is one of the few sites with integrated noise generator . All are generated locally, you can copy the generated background of Thumbr , and repeat it in CSS by using background-repeat and background-image properties.

8. Base64 CSS

Frontend devs are slowly choosing base64 code rather than traditional images because they are easier to use and save more space. Base64 CSS is a free code generator tool that helps raw output base64 image code with optional snippets for CSS background images.

Just upload the file, and wait for the site to take care of the rest. This is a great tactic to increase page speed , and reduce the number of cached elements on the page.

9. Patternify

If you don't like to use your own background images, why not create a new image? Patternify is a free CSS pattern generator with a complete visual editor . Everything is managed via the browser, so you only need to have an internet connection.

Pattern design interface still has some limitations, because this is pixel-by-pixel generator . But Patternify will automatically output the image URL, and provide base64 code to copy / paste into CSS.

10. CSS Button Generator

The CSS button generator , is the best css generator in the article today. You can access custom buttons and CSS codes. You can copy existing buttons, adjust as templates, or even create your own buttons. The visual editor is extremely good with lots of custom CSS properties.

If you know any interesting CSS generators, don't hesitate to comment below.

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