7 Great Tools To Make Devops

Attaching the separation between developers and activities with outstanding technologies.

7 good tools to help implement devops properly

Previously, programmers and activities were often in conflict with each other. Creating code has never been updated fast enough for programmers, managers are responsible for making sure the server works smoothly and frustrated by the hastily asserted by the developers. Process on the off-line and superposition of processing requirements.

However, since devops appeared, these lines have ceased, thanks to the tools that have sprung up, devops provides a variety of services from configuration management to portability. applications. Here are a few outstanding tools to help make devops impressive today.



HashiCorp introduced the latest Atlas, Atlas provides infrastructure vision, including servers, containers, and virtual machines, in addition to service management and configuration management. Building on the company's popular open source projects such as Vagrant, Packer, Serf, Consul, and Terraform, Atlas – own closed source code makes devops possible through a variety of cloud services, including Including AWS, Google Compute Engine, Azure and OpenStack, and provides a control panel for programming, deploying and maintaining applications.

Users who don't have jobs are regularly reviewing Atlas for the company's customer engagement platform. Franks is a speaker on Lithium Technologies, who entered Atlas, he is observing Atlas for continuous integration and deployment. Franks said: "There are now many tools like Jenkins, Travis and Bamboo." "The last mile is the deployment, they don't handle it."

Atlas's on-premises installations are expected earlier this year.

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Chef is a cloud infrastructure system and framework that automates the construction, deployment, and management of infrastructure through short, repetitive scripts called "recipes." But the true power of Chef probably lies in its use of connected configuration modules (also known as cookbooks), with nearly 2000 cookbooks available through the Chef community. Recently, Facebook's prominent users had the open source of some Chef's own cookbooks, observing a repo of the source code, such as Git and holding Chef's server locally.

Wharton School is also a Chef user. "Chef automates complex tasks that are different from time and source – it is intensive, but the most important thing is that it allows us to focus our efforts on creativity and improving the quality of translation. The case, ”said Sanjay Modi, the school's technical director. “It also opens the door to more collaboration and efficiency in the organization.” Chef was used by Wharton to automate configuration management for Amazon EC2 sources, Linux nodes and local virtual machines.



Docker offers portability to applications via its Containerization technology, so applications work for themselves – contained units can be moved across platforms. It includes Docker Engine, lightweight runtime and packaging tools, and Docker Hub is a cloud service for applications in sharing and process automation.

"Docker is an important part of Yelp's next-generation management and testing service infrastructure," said Sam Eaton, director of engineering at Yelp. "Separating the dependencies and rotating containers quickly allowed us to shorten the development cycle and increase the test speed by more than four times."



Puppet Enterprise comes from Puppet Labs, which provides data center processing by automating and managing machines and software. The latest version 3.7 has been announced, highlighting Puppet's applications, applications built for a certain purpose for IT automation, including Node Manager for management with a large number of The system is changed frequently. An open source version of Puppet is also available.

Stanford University uses the open source version of Puppet "to bridge the gap between software development that we need to create the kind of digital library services and system management we need to keep the services It works with high efficiency and safety, ”said Bess Sadler of Stanford University. Programmers were attracted to system management, while system administrators increased their relevance to software development, making applications more likely to grow faster.



SaltStack provides data automation for system management, cloud construction, server data, and application configuration. An event-controlled cloud infrastructure automation tool, which can automate tasks in the devops process. Deseret Digital Media has used SaltStack for about two years to automate its environment, highlighting approximately 200 virtual machines running a product environment and moving.

SaltStack "creates more activities than can get close to programmers," said Justin Carmony, development director of Deseret Digital. The company has three operators and 30 programmers; SaltStack for them to contribute to the operation, such as estimating new servers. “Traditionally, activities and programmers are always in disagreement with each other.” Carmony said. SaltStack provides a normal method and language to manage servers, in this way to bridge the gap between the two.

ScriptRock GuardRail


GuardRail provides configuration monitoring, with continuous monitoring of machine configuration state. It can help users to ensure their product environment is identical to QA, testing and programming environments. VersionOne, the creator of the agile project management platform, encountered challenges with configuration pull and automation, so VersionOne turned to GuardRail.

“Programmers are having shortcut icons to make automation easier. In order to have builds running on new agency programs, they are changing what was previously active for other builds. Infrastructure instability is weakening what is possible with many agent program builds, ”Ian Buchanan, Product Manager of VersionOne. "Thanks to GuardRail, we can now understand how any build agent is configured so that we can have as many trusted agents as we want." VersionOne has increased visibility into dragging. Configurable and able to document expectations with documentation and also created human-readable tests, so except for the equivalent of a full-time tester.



Splunk is a tool used to find and fix real-time problems across the application's life cycle, which allows programmers to visualize data from product environments that are not accessible. factory. Splunk helps users embrace devops processes, including continuous deployment and integration.

User EnerNOC provides smart power software for power network operators and other areas, User EnerNOC is a Splunk user for about five years. “Essentially, Splunk has changed the way we run production systems,” said James Nichol, chief engineer at EnerNOC. “It has made technical and non-technical users able to delve into the nature of a very complex system that on the other hand will not be obvious to them. We already have virtual servers, development managers, and customer care managers who install control panels, warning systems, and data search that can't be without Splunk. ”

ITZone via infoworld

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